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Jake Bair

Jake Bair


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
Missouri University of Science and Technology, 2016

B.S., Mechanical Engineering
Washington State University, 2012

Research Interests

  • Microstructure evolution
  • Grain boundaries
  • Phase field modeling
  • Additive manufacturing
  • EBSD
  • Solid mechanics

Awards and Recognition

· Participant on the 2nd place team for the WHEC 2012 Student Hydrogen Design Contest

· Dean’s Academic Merit Scholarship, Washington State University 2009-2012

· Member: Alpha Sigma Mu honor society for Materials Science, TMS, AIST, ASM

Recent Publications

  • Schwantes, J. M., Bair, J. L., Buck, E. C., Devanathan, R., Kessler, S. H., Lach, T. G., Lonergan, J. M., McNamara, B. K., Palmer, C. J., & Clark, R. A. (2020). A new non-diffusional gas bubble production route in used nuclear fuel: implications for fission gas release, cladding corrosion, and next generation fuel design. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.
  • Frazer, D., Bair, J. L., Homer, E. R., & Hosemann, P. (2020). Cryogenic Stress-Driven Grain Growth Observed via Microcompression with in situ Electron Backscatter Diffraction. JOM.
  • Bair, J. L., Abrecht, D. G., Reilly, D. D., Athon, M. T., & Corbey, J. F. (2019). Phase field model of uranium carbide solidification through a combined KKS and orientation field approach. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 31(12), 125901.
  • Bair, J. L., & Homer, E. R. (2019). Antithermal Mobility in Σ7 and Σ9 Grain Boundaries Caused by Stick-Slip Stagnation of Ordered Atomic Motions about Coincidence Site Lattice Atoms. Acta Materialia, 162, 10–18.
  • Bair, J. L., Asle Zaeem, M., & Schwen, D. (2017). Formation path of d hydrides in zirconium by multiphase field modeling. Acta Materialia, 123, 235–244.
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