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Jay Hanan

Jay Hanan


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
California Institute of Technology, 2002

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering
California Institute of Technology, 1999

B.S., Engineering Physics
Oklahoma Christian University, 1997

B.S., Chemistry
Oklahoma Christian University, 1997

Research Interests

  • Advanced Structural Materials (2 new patent pending high strength materials)
  • Automation and data processing
  • Increasing useful service life
  • Non-destructive analysis

Awards and Recognition

  • 2020 Lightest half liter record broken for 5th time at 6.5 g.
  • 2019-2020 Oversight on building two new multi-million dollar R&D labs for package and product testing in Ontario and Diamond Bar CA.
  • 2019 Industrial application of graphene nanocomposites proven for environmental and material savings.
  • 2018 Developed and patented new sealing technology. The best performance in the industry for cost, processing, and seal integrity.
  • 2017 New products developed for Niagara saving $100M/yr, including another non-pressurized record breaking bottle design.
  • 2016 Record setting unpressurized designs for Private Label, Aquafina, and Hint.
  • 2015 Innovator of the year, Niagara Bottling LLC, developed more cost savings for 7.15 g LIFE bottle.
  • 2014 Inducted into the National Academy of Inventors.
  • 2014 in cooperation with Hyundai Translead for another record setting trailer design.
  • 2014 Twice, Honored at Oklahoma State University’s Research Gala. New patent and license.
  • 2013 Won National Science Foundation, Engineering Innovation Fellows Program Award. 2013 Lead a team to develop a record setting lightest dry van semi-trailer.
  • 2013 1st place Excellence Award in X-Ray Diffraction from Bruker Corporation
  • 2013 Recognized for Outstanding Research and Creative activities including Contributions to Technologies Licensed by OSU.
  • 2012 Developed the world’s lightest half liter water bottle (7.5 g), breaking my own record set in 2010.
  • 2011 NCIIA Technology Award.
  • 2011 1st Place and 2nd Place, Graduate Oral and Poster Presentations, OSU-Tulsa Research Day.
  • 2010 Developed the world’s lightest unpressurized half liter water bottle (8.5 g).
  • 2010 TandemLaunch technology review selection for video reduction software.
  • 2010 Best technology, Riata Competition
  • 2010 1st place Riata Business Plan Competition
  • 2009 Oklahoma Health Research Conference outstanding presenter
  • 2009 CEAT Halliburton Outstanding Young Faculty Award
  • 2008 Oklahoma Health Research Conference outstanding presenter
  • 2008 NASA Space Grant Award

Professional Memberships

  • ASME
  • TMS
  • ACerS
  • SPE
  • SPIE

Courses Taught

  • MAE 6010 Advanced Study
  • MAE 6000 Doctoral Dissertation
  • MAE 5000 Thesis
  • MAE 5000 Master’s Thesis
  • MAE 5010 Mech. Eng. Projects
  • MAE 5000 Graduate Research
  • GRAD 5990 Special Problems
  • MAE 5993 Microstructural Mechanics
  • MAE 5113 Diffraction in Materials
  • MAE 4344 Capstone Design
  • MAE 4333 Mechanical Metallurgy
    MAE 4313 Advanced Processing of Engineered Materials
  • ENSC 3313 Materials Science

Recent Publications

  • J. C. Hanan, P. Sarda, J. Lawrence, M. Allahkarami,Sustainability Performance of PET, Clarifying the Challenges and Potential.” In preparation, 2021.
  • Q. Hu, M. Aboustait, B. Robertson, T. Ley, J. Hanan, X. Xiao, “Direct in-situ observation of early age void evolution in sustainable cement paste containing fly ash or limestone.” 15 Oct., 2019, Composites Part B Engineering (1359-8368) 175 107099, 10.1016/j.compositesb.2019.107099.
  • M. Moradian, Q. Hu, M. Aboustait, M. T. Ley, J. C. Hanan, X. Xiao, V. Rose, R. Winarski, G. W. Scherer. “Multi-scale observations of structure and chemical composition changes of portland cement systems during hydration.” Construction and Building Materials 212 (2019) 486–499.
  • V. Shabafrooz, S. Bandla, M. Allahkarami, J. C. Hanan, “Graphene/polyethylene terephthalate nanocomposites with enhanced mechanical and thermal properties.” Journal of Polymer Research, December 2018, 25:256.
  • V. Shabafrooz, S. Bandla, J. C. Hanan, “Graphene/poly(ethylene glycol) dispersions for fabrication of nanocomposites: effects of dispersion processing conditions.” Graphene Technology, Vol. 3, Issue 2, 2018.
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