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Pranjal Nautiyal

Pranjal Nautiyal

Education and Postgraduate Training

Postdoc, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
University of Pennsylvania, 2020-2023


Ph.D., Materials Science and Engineering
Florida International University, 2020


B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering
Indian Institute of Information Technology, Design & Manufacturing, 2015

Research Interests

  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Experimental Mechanics
  • Tribology

Awards and Recognition

  • Senior Member (2023) of the National Academy of Inventors
  • Early Career Award (2023) by the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers
  • Trailblazers in Engineering Fellow (2022), a program by Purdue University for preparing future faculty in engineering
  • Nanomaterials and Energy Prize (2020) awarded by the Institute of Civil Engineers for a research article published in the Nanomaterials and Energy journal
  • Outstanding Ph.D. Graduate Award (2020) by the College of Engineering and Computing, Florida International University, for the quality and impact of research, service, mentorship, college activities and involvement in professional societies
  • Dissertation Year Fellowship (2020), awarded by Florida International University to doctoral students with notable publication record
  • Henry DeWitt Smith Scholarship (2019), awarded by the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers to outstanding graduate students
  • First Place in the Best Paper Contest (2019) by the Metals, Minerals and Materials Society
  • Presidential Award (2019) by the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, Florida International University, for leadership and action toward enhancing university prestige and creating positive change in the community
  • Defense Innovation Award (2018) awarded for a technology submission to the Defense TechConnect Summit & Expo, Tampa, Florida, 2018
  • Graduate Excellence in Materials Science (GEMS) Award (2018) by the American Ceramic Society
  • Winner of Graduate Student Poster Contest (2018) at the Annual Meeting of Metals, Minerals and Materials Society for a research poster presentation
  • First Position in Engineering Poster Presentation (2017) at the Florida Statewide Graduate Student Research Symposium
  • Presidential Fellowship (2015-2018), awarded by Florida International University for outstanding students to pursue PhD research
  • Summer Research Fellowship (2013) awarded jointly by the Indian Academy of Science, Indian National Science Academy, and National Academy of Sciences of India, to pursue a research internship at the National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi

Professional Memberships and Activities

  • Member, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS)
  • Member, Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE)
  • Senior Member, National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
  • Paper Solicitation Chair, Nanotribology Committee, STLE Annual Meeting 2024
  • Co-organizer, Symposium on Advanced Real Time Imaging, TMS Annual Meeting & Exhibition, 2021-2024
  • Member, Early Career Award Committee, STLE, 2023-2024

Recent Publications

See the full list of Publications here

Selected publications:

  1. Michas, M. C. Karakan, Pranjal Nautiyal, J. G. Seidman, C. E. Seidman, A. Agarwal, K. Ekinci, J. Eyckmans, A. E. White, C. S. Chen, Engineering a living cardiac pump on a chip using high-precision fabrication, Science Advances 8, eabm3791 (2022).
  2. J. Thrush, A. S. Comfort, J. S. Dusenbury, Pranjal Nautiyal, M. B. Elinski, R. W. Carpick, N. Demas, B. J. Gould, X. Han, X. Wang, H. Qu, G. C. Barber, Growth and Morphology of Thermally Assisted Sinterable Zirconia Nanoparticle Tribofilm, Tribology International 175, 107820 (2022).
  3. Pranjal Nautiyal, C. Zhang, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, Interfacial deformation and failure mechanisms at the single-splat length scale revealed in-situ by indentation of cold sprayed aluminum microparticles, Materials Science & Engineering A 824, 141828 (2021).
  4. Pranjal Nautiyal, N. Denis, T. Dolmetsch, C. Zhang, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, Interface Engineering and Direct Observation of Strengthening Behavior in Field-Sintered Boron Nitride Nanotube-Magnesium Alloy Composite, Advanced Engineering Materials 22, 2000170 (2020).
  5. Thomas, A. Rubfiaro, Pranjal Nautiyal, R. Brooks, D. Dickerson, J. He, A. Agarwal, Extrusion 3D Printing of Porous Silicone Architectures for Engineering Human Cardiomyocyte-Infused Patches Mimicking Adult Heart Stiffness, ACS Applied Bio Materials 3, 5865 (2020).
  6. Lu, Pranjal Nautiyal, J. Bustillos, A. Loganathan, C. Zhang, Y. Chen, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, Hydroxylated boron nitride nanotube-reinforced polyvinyl alcohol nanocomposite with simultaneous improvement of mechanical and thermal properties, Polymer Composites 41, 5182 (2020).
  7. Young, C. Zhang, A. Loganathan, Pranjal Nautiyal, B. Boesl, and A. Agarwal*, Densification and Oxidation Behavior of Spark Plasma Sintered Hafnium Diboride-Hafnium Carbide Composite, Ceramics International 46, 14625 (2020).
  8. Bustillos, X. Lu, Pranjal Nautiyal, C. Zhang, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, Boron Nitride Nanotube Reinforced Titanium Composite with Controlled Interfacial Reactions by Spark Plasma Sintering, Advanced Engineering Materials 22, 2000702 (2020).
  9. Pranjal Nautiyal, C. Zhang, V. K. Champagne, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, In-situ creep deformation of cold-sprayed aluminum splats at elevated temperatures, Surface & Coatings Technology 372, 353-360 (2019).
  10. Pranjal Nautiyal, C. Zhang, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, Non-Equilibrium Wetting and Capture of Boron Nitride Nanotubes in Molten Aluminum During Plasma Spray, Scripta Materialia 151, 71 (2018).
  11. Pranjal Nautiyal, A. Loganathan, R. Agrawal, B. Boesl, C. Wang, A. Agarwal, Oxidative unzipping and transformation of high aspect ratio boron nitride nanotubes into white graphene oxide platelets, Scientific Reports 6, 29498 (2016).


  1. Agarwal, B. Boesl, P. Nautiyal, C. Rudolf, C. Zhang, Aluminum Boron Nitride Nanotube Composites and Method for Making the Same, US 11,148,201 B2.
  2. Agarwal, P. Nautiyal, B. Boesl, Boron Nitride Nanotube-Magnesium Alloy Composites and Manufacturing Methods Thereof, US 10,947,607 B1.
  3. Agarwal, B. Boesl, A. Idowu, P. Nautiyal, J. Bustillos, Shape Memory-Based Self-Healing Polymer Composite Reinforced with Graphene Foam, US 11,059,948 B2.
  4. Agarwal, T. Paul, C. Zhang, P. Nautiyal, Metal Nanoparticle Composites and Manufacturing Methods Thereof by Ultrasonic Casting, US 10,941,464 B1.
  5. Agarwal, B. Boesl, C. Zhang, T. Thomas, P. Nautiyal, Method to Produce Graphene Foam Reinforced Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) Composite, US 10,807,915 B1.


Pranjal Nautiyal, B. Boesl, A. Agarwal, In-situ Mechanics of Materials: Principles, Tools, Techniques and Applications, Springer International Publishing, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-43320-8 (2020).


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