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Shuodao Wang

Shuodao Wang


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering
Northwestern University, 2012

B.S., Engineering Mechanics
Tsinghua University, 2007


Research Interests

  • Dynamic Mechanical behaviors and material properties of soft biological tissues
  • 3D Stereoimaging for full-field displacement measurements
  • Mechanical behaviors of soft and thin web materials
  • Experimental and theoretical micro/nano solid mechanics and their applications inmicro-electronics, and soft robotics
  • Inverse finite element simulations for material property identifications.

Awards and Recognition

  • 2019 NSF Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award
  • 2015 ASME Applied Mechanics Division - Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Initiation Grant (one of the 4 recipients in 2015)
  • 2011 Terminal Year Fellowship, Northwestern University
  • 2011 Haythornthwaite Foundation Travel Award from ASME Applied Mechanics Division
  • 2011 ASME Applied Mechanics Division Best Student Paper Competition, Third Place
  • 2011 International Institute for Nanotechnology (Northwestern University) Outstanding Graduate Student
  • 2010 Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Self-financed Students Studying Abroad
  • 2009–2012 Ryan Fellowship for NanoScience/Technology, International Institute for Nanotechnology, Northwestern University

Courses Taught

  • MAE 5533 Theory of Elasticity
  • MAE 5503 Mechanics of Advanced Composites
  • MAE 5603 Stability of Structures
  • MAE 3323 Mechancial Design I


Recent Publications

  • G. R. Holyoak*, C. C. Lyman, S. Wang, S. S. Germaine, C. O. Anderson, J. M. Baldrighi,N. Vemula, G. B. Rezabek, A. J. Kane “Efficacy of a Y-Design Silastic Elastomer In-trauterine Device as a Horse Contraceptive”, J.Wild. Mgmt.
  • S. Vinnikova, H. Fang, and S. Wang*, “Mechanics of Regular-Shape Nanomeshes for Transparent and Stretchable Devices”, J. Applied Mechanics,87(10): 101010, (2020)
  • Y.Chen,H.Wang,Y. Zhang, R.Li, C.Chen, H.Zhang, S.Tang, S.Liu, X.Chen, H.Wu, R.Lv, X.Sheng, P.Zhang*, S.Wang*, L.Yin*,“Electrochemically-triggered degradationof silicon membranes for smart on-demand transient electronic devices”, Nanotech-nology, 30:39, DOI|10.1088/1361-6528/ab2853 (2019)
  • X. Han, K. J. Seo, Y. Qiang, Z. Li, S. Vinnikova, Y. Zhong, P. Hao, S. Wang*, and H.Fang*, “Nanomeshed Si Nanomembranes”, npj Flexible Electronics, 3, Article 9 (2019)
  • Haohao Bi, Bo Wang*, Zichen Deng, Shuodao Wang*, Effects of Thermo-Magneto-Electro and Nonlinearity Characteristics on the Stability of Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Beam, Applied Mathematics and Mechanics (English Edition), (accepted 2019) 
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