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Formatting & Submission

  • Note the following abstract format restrictions: 
      1. ​Abstract body is limited to no more than 1,300 characters including spaces.
      2. Abstract title is limited to no more than 140 characters including spaces.
  • Abstract submission needs written approval from thesis/research advisor.
    1. The advisor will be notified upon abstract submission and asked to approve/reject the submission.


Evaluation Criteria


A subset of graduate student abstracts will be selected for oral presentations following review by the OSU MAE Graduate Activities Committee, based on abstract evaluation criteria below.

  • ​Abstracts not selected for talks will be invited for poster presentations.
  • Authors of the selected abstracts and their advisors will be notified of their placement on or around January 24, 2022.
  1. Written Communication 45%
    1. Specific statement of the problem being addressed by the research
    2. Statement of the method used in the research
    3. Statement of the results
    4. Explanations fit for a broad multi-disciplinary technical audience
    5. English usage – grammar and spelling
  2. Appeal 30%
    1. Will the abstract convince others to come to the presentation?
    2. Does it promise significant impact in the field of study?
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