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Oral Presentation Guidelines

A subset of graduate student abstracts will be selected for oral presentations following review by the OSU MAE Graduate Activities Committee, based on abstract evaluation criteria


Click here to upload oral presentation slides [due 12 pm CDT, Monday, March 28]


  • Each oral presentation will be allotted 15 minutes in the program, broken down as: 12 minutes of talk time, 2 minutes for question & answer period, and 1 minute for transition to the next speaker. This timing will be strictly followed. 6 presentations will be scheduled for each session of the symposium series.
    • Presenters do not lose points for very short presentations, but these do not tend to be as competitive since a shorter presentation gives less time to cover and explain research.
  • Presenters that have accepted to give oral presentations must use the talk upload link at the top of this page to upload presentation files (PPTX/PDF/ZIP formats only) NO LATER THAN 12 PM CDT ON MARCH 28, 2022. FAILURE TO MEET THIS DEADLINE WILL RESULT IN YOUR TALK BEING CANCELED AND NOTED AS "WITHDRAWN" IN THE PROGRAM!!
  • Presenters are NOT allowed to use their own computers. The presentation room will be equipped with a computer that MUST be used for your presentation. The symposium organizers will have all the presentation files (uploaded by presenters before 12 PM on Mar. 28, 2022) available on the room computer. 
    • A backup copy of the presentation & any associated files should be brought to the session on a USB flash drive (PDF format backup versions of presentations are highly encouraged).
    • Presenters using PowerPoint must ensure that their talks are fully compatible in Windows OS. Presentations with associated files (e.g, movies) must be in Windows-compatible formats (e.g., WMV, MP4).
  • Presenters are fully responsible for ensuring that their talk shows up correctly on the room projector. 
    • Presenters are encouraged to arrive before 7:30 AM on the day of the symposium to test their talks in the speaker room and ensure content shows up correctly. 
    • Extra time will NOT be provided for issues that arise from presenter's file not showing up correctly on the room projector.
  • Keep in mind that this presentation will be for a general technical audience.
    • Please explain your work in a manner such that attendees from other disciplines can comprehend your presentation. A general introduction slide that makes the importance of the research clear to a lay audience is therefore recommended. This is a significant part of the judging criteria.
    • The presentations should be focused on communicating original research work (i.e. not design review/management/project proposal type presentations).
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