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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Spotlight

MSE Faculty members lead several research efforts to make fundamental discoveries in materials, develop new technologies, and create new processes and products. They are members and fellows of international scientific societies that recognize distinguished achievement, including ACS, ASEE, ASM International, ASME, American Ceramic Society, MRS, SAMPE. Society of Experimental Mechanics, TMS, and many more. Faculty have also recieved highly competitive NSF Career and PECASE awards.

Dr. Singh's Group

Singh Group at the Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory in January 2020. Pictured left to right: Tharun Kotikalapudi, Blaze Heckert, Raman Singh, Achyuth Guthai, and Ali Fahem.

Dr. Singh's research group focuses on the mechanics and failure of advanced and complex materials systems. Currently, research ares of interest include (i) stress-wave assisted dynamic failure of shale to enhance resource recovery, (ii) multifunctional composites capable of electrical energy storage, (iii) nano-scale polymeric hierarchical coatings to enhance load transfer at the fiber-matrix interface, and (iv) self-assembled nanostructure-modified polymers for tolerating damage at finite deformations. Dr. Singh's research group works at the Mechanics of Advanced Materials Laboratory, located at the Helmerich Research Center, and has received funding by the National Science Foundation, NASA, the Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science \& Technology, the Oklahoma Transportation Commission, the US Army Research Office, the Department of Energy, and industry. His team is composed of primarily experimental mechanicians, but conducts computations as needed to understand the physics underlying experimental observations. Besides academia, Dr. Singh enjoys travel, restoring cars, backpacking, photography, and spending time with his two daughters.