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Student Spotlight

Sai Tharun Kotikalapudi

Sai Tharun Kotikalapudi

joined OSU’s MAE graduate program in spring of 2019. He is presently working under Dr. Raman Singh to develop structural supercapacitors for automobile and navy applications by using composite materials. This project involves uses of carbon-based nanomaterials to optimize the performance of these devices. Besides this, he is also evaluating the benefits of orientation of nanomaterials to provide efficient properties. Additionally, he also studied the effects of low-density currents arising from lightning strikes on composite aircrafts. 

Tharun graduated from SASTRA university with a B.E in Mechanical Engineering in 2014. During his bachelors he won many accolades in the field of manual and automated robotics. Then he proceeded to work for TCS as Mechanical Design Engineer for a year in Bangalore, India. Prior to becoming a graduate student at OSU, he received a Master’s degree from University of Florida, Gainesville in Mechanical Engineering where he worked on analytical and finite element-based models for composite materials.


Tharun has a compelling interest to continue his research in composites and nano-scale materials in electric vehicle industries. He is also the president of International Student Ministries which caters to the practical and spiritual needs of international students at OSU-Tulsa. Tharun is grateful for both MAE and MSE department’s steady commitment to promote diversity in research groups and the support provided by various faculty and peers at Helmrich Research Center (HRC).

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