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Oklahoma State University

Student Spotlight

Morgan Cornish

Student Spotlight Img

Morgan Cornish has a background in Ceramics Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla MO.  There, he worked in the high-temperature ceramics group.  Since joining the Smay group at OSU-Tulsa, Morgan has pursued colloidal processing of ceramics toward the goal of 3D printing threshold-strength composites.  Morgan has become an expert at formulating zirconia and alumina inks by controlled dispersion and flocculation of colloidal gels mediated by careful control of solution chemistry and polyelectrolyte concentration.  He has made a number of technical contributions to the Smay lab testing facilities including the fabrication and commissioning of a custom four-point test rig for small, 3D printed samples as well as a flexural disk experiment for characterizing failure mechanics of sintered zirconia/alumina composite disks.  He is currently writing his Master of Science thesis regarding the production and characterization of threshold-strength ceramic composites with an aim to improve the properties of all-ceramic dental crowns.

In addition to his technical work, Morgan is a leader among the graduate student body at OSU Tulsa.  He has served as a teaching assistant and become an informal liaison with the New Product Development Center fabrication facility.  Morgan is a cheerful, friendly face in the department who always has time to eat a happy lunch with his colleagues and bring good cheer to the department.  His experiences in Rolla and at OSU serve as an example to others of hard work and commitment to excellence in research.