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CEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs

Diversity and Inclustion

CEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Student Advisory Board

The student advisory board consists of members from student organizations majoring in engineering, architecture and engineering technology.  
In support of Institutional Diversity's mission, the CEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Student Advisory Board serves to represent and support the CEAT student body by welcoming ALL forms of diversity and empowering those who are underrepresented.  We advocate for diversity, equity & inclusion by providing guidance, support and accountability to CEAT staff, faculty and administration by engaging in intercultural dialogue.  We hold ourselves and our college accountable for ensuring that the future of OSU is bright for EVERYONE.

CEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Company Spotlight

The Company Spotlights are a sponsored event, free to students majoring in engineering, architecture and engineering technology.  These events provide great networking and professional development opportunities from industry leaders.  To learn more check out our calendar!

Summer Bridge students eating lunch

CEAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Awards Banquet

Each spring CEAT's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Programs recognizes and honors students, faculty, staff, alumni and industry leaders for their achievements, outreach and leadership in promoting inclusivity throughout the OSU CEAT community.   

CEAT Summer Bridge Program

The CEAT Summer Bridge Program is a two-and-half week residential program for select incoming freshmen who have been accepted to Oklahoma State University and majoring in the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology. 

The summer program bridges the gap between high school and college by proving instruction in Chemistry, Pre-Calculus, English Composition, and Engineering Design.  Other activities include community service, study hall, and learning about college and campus resources.  Those who complete the program receive ENGR 1111 credit.  Full and partial scholarships are available to those who attend.

Parker Hall games

Living Learning Programs

CEAT Diversity Engineering Floor (DEF) – 3rd Floor Parker Hall

The purpose of DEF Living Learning Community is to enhance the first-year experience of students seeking to live in an inclusive environment filled with other students majoring in CEAT.  The DEF LLC equips incoming freshmen with the skills necessary to persist and graduate with an engineering, architecture or engineering technology degree from Oklahoma State University. 

Maude’s Squad Floor – 2nd Floor Parker Hall

The Maude’s Squad Living Learning Community was created for female freshmen majoring in engineering, architecture and technology to build and support a community of women through tutoring, networking and campus life resources.  

Named for the first woman to receive a degree in engineering from Oklahoma A&M college, Maude Spears.   

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