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CEAT Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Students at an awards banquet

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You have a place in CEAT 

The College of Engineering, Architecture, and Technology intentionally serves students, faculty, and staff to strengthen learning, development, and leadership through initiatives that promote tolerance and appreciation of all identities. In support of Oklahoma State University’s Institutional Diversity mission, we seek to recruit and retain students, faculty, and staff from underrepresented populations in Engineering, Architecture, and Technology.

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Our Legacy 

In 1974, the OSU CEAT Council of Partners Advisory Board was formed, consisting of industry leaders who were committed to providing academic and financial support to students from underrepresented groups majoring in engineering, architecture, and technology. Their initiative led to the creation Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Programs (previously under different names), where professional staff were designated to carry out this mission through programming and support to increase the enrollment and graduation rates of underrepresented groups in CEAT. Summer Bridge, a hallmark program of CEAT, was created under Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs in 2007. We currently serve the entire CEAT student community, as every student contributes to the diversity of our college. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs continues to center the foundational initiative of 1974 through its 3 pillars: Advocate, Empower, and Connect (A.C.E).

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Belonging in CEAT

Spencer Farthing

"I love representing oSTEM at OSU because queer experiences are often forgotten in STEM spaces. Diversity and equity are both very important because having people from many backgrounds ensures no one is left out."

- Spencer Farthing (he/him) Mechanical Engineering, Junior


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Karla Frias

"I have never regretted my major choice, this is due to the resources, equipment, and faculty at CEAT. Additionally, CEAT DEI has given me the opportunity to feel empowered and heard!"

- Karla Frias (she/her) Electrical Engineering, Sophomore




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