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Parker Hall Living Learning Community


Freshman College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT) majors can take advantage of a dedicated Living, Learning Program in CEAT Parker Hall.


The newly renovated hall features traditional style living with specialized services and programs. Designed to connect high-achieving students with like-minded peers and upper-class mentors (known as PEATEs), this living environment is a proven method for academic success. CEAT Parker Hall residents experience everything that OSU's Stillwater campus has to offer plus unique programming and resources. 


Features include:

CEAT Parker Hall is an excellent option for students ready to reach their goals.

The entirety of CEAT Parker Hall is a Living, Learning Program, with three floors of men and one of women.  Following are the descriptions of the two specific LLP options within CEAT Parker Hall:
Maude’s Squad LLP - The Maude’s Squad Living Learning Program was created for female freshmen majoring in engineering, architecture and engineering technology to build and support a community of women through mentoring, tutoring, networking with fellow students, faculty and industry representatives, special programming and campus life resources. This LLP resides on the second floor, and is named for the first woman to receive a degree in engineering from Oklahoma A&M college, Maude Spears.


Diversity Engineering Floor (DEF) - The purpose of DEF Living Learning Program is to enhance the first-year experience of students seeking to live in a diverse environment filled with other CEAT students.  The CDP LLP resides on the third floor, and equips incoming freshmen with the skills necessary to persist and graduate with an engineering, architecture or engineering technology degree from Oklahoma State University.  Programming will include exposure to the various Diversity Programs and Student Organizations on campus.


To read more about the mentors who live with the freshmen in CEAT Parker Hall (known as PEATEs), click here.

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