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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Helping the Students of Architecture

Friends of the School of Architecture 

This fund supports the daily workings of the school, providing field trip buses and food as part of events, materials and supplies for such things as group model bases, and student organization support.  In some cases, the Friends fund assists with scholarships for students who find themselves in critical need.  Support through the Friends fund is very important for our school, and guarantees the quality of educational community that we know makes the School of Architecture such a special place to learn and grow.


Give here (Fund 26-65100)

Architecture Alumni Fund for Travel/Study

If you enjoyed the summer Europe program when you were a student (or maybe you were unable to go because of cost, but have since traveled abroad on your own), you understand how critical the cultural awakening provided by travel study can be in the development of an architect.  This fund has been created to allow many alumni to give back, and to pay it forward to ensure that no student is unable to go because of cost.


Give here (Fund 26-86550)

Architecture Alumni

Architecture Scholarship Fund

This non-endowed fund allows us to provide immediate scholarship assistance to students in financial need.  It helps us close some of the gaps we find in our current scholarship funding, or on occasion allow for special mid-year scholarship funding as we did in 2021 and 2022 when many families experienced financial hardship.


Give here (Fund 26-00550)

Students in the field taking notes

Honoring your Educators

We are fortunate to have several funds created in honor of faculty, recognizing the impact that a knowledgeable and caring teacher has upon a future architect or architectural engineer. 

OSU Foundation

The OSU Foundation is responsible for handling all major and annual gifts to the university. If you would like to view other giving opportunities, please follow the links below to the CEAT Foundation page and the OSU Giving Home. 
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