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Dr. Mohamed Soliman, Ph.D.

Dr. Mohamed Soliman


Ph.D., Structural Engineering
Lehigh University, January 2015

M.Sc, Civil Engineering
Alexandria University, 2008

B.Sc, Civil Engineering
Alexandria University, 2003

Research Interests

  • Behavior of structures under extreme events
  • Fatigue and fracture in steel and aluminum structures
  • Sustainability and life-cycle management of structures deteriorating due to aging and natural hazards
  • Reliability of structural systems
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Resilience of infrastructure systems
  • Risk assessment and risk-based decision making

Awards and Honors

  • Alfred Noble Prize, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2015
  • J. James R. Croes Medal, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2014
  • IASSAR Scholarship, 2013
  • P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellowship, Lehigh University, 2012
  • Lehigh University Doctoral Fellowship, 2009
  • Alexandria University Honors Degree with Distinction, Alexandria University, 2003
  • Alexandria University Appreciation Award, Alexandria University, 2001, 2000, 1999

Professional Affiliations

  • AISC: American Institute of Steel Construction, Member, 2015 -
  • SEM: Society of Experimental Mechanics, Member, 2014 -
  • ASCE: American Society of Civil Engineers, Associate Member, 2011-present; Task Group 1 of the ASCE-SEI Technical Council on life-cycle performance, safety, reliability and risk of structural systems, Member 2013-
  • IABMAS: International Association for Bridge Maintenance and Safety, Member, 2011 -
  • IALCCE: International Association for Life-cycle Civil Engineering, Member, 2011 -
  • Egyptian Engineering Syndicate, Member, 2003 -

Selected Publications

  • Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2015). “Life-cycle of structural systems: recent achievements and future directions,” Structure and Infrastructure Engineering, Taylor & Francis (in press).
  • Li, H., Frangopol, D.M., Soliman, M. and Xia, H., (2015). “Fatigue reliability assessment of railway bridges based on probabilistic dynamic analysis of coupled train-bridge system,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE (in press).
  • Li, H., Xia, H., Soliman, M., and Frangopol, D.M., (2015). “Bridge stress evaluation based on the dynamic response of coupled train-bridge system,” Engineering Structures, Elsevier, 99, 334-345.
  • Wu, J., Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2015). “Simulating the construction process of steel-concrete composite bridges,” Steel and Composite Structures, An International Journal, Techno Press, 18(5), 1239-1258.
  • Wu, J., Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2015). “Geometry control simulation for long-span steel cable-stayed bridges based on geometrically nonlinear analysis,” Engineering Structures, Elsevier 90, 71-82.
  • Soliman, M., Barone, G., and Frangopol, D.M., (2015). “Fatigue reliability and service life prediction of aluminum high-speed naval vessels based on structural health monitoring,” Structural Health monitoring, SAGE Publications, 14(1), 3-19.
  • Soliman, M., and Frangopol, D.M., (2015). “Life-cycle cost evaluation of conventional and corrosion-resistant steel for bridges,” Technical Note, Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, 20(1), 06014005 (featured as the Research Highlight of the January 2015 issue of the Journal of Bridge Engineering).
  • Yan, B., Yu, J., and Soliman, M., (2015). “Estimation of cable tension force independent of complex boundary conditions,” Technical Note, Journal of Engineering Mechanics, ASCE, 141(1), 06014015.
  • Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2014). “Structural life-cycle management of ships under uncertainty,” Naval Engineers Journal, ASNE, 126(2), 101-109.
  • Soliman, M., and Frangopol, D.M., (2014). “Life-cycle management of fatigue sensitive structures integrating inspection information,” Journal of Infrastructure Systems, ASCE, 20(2): 04014001 (winner of the 2015 ASCE Alfred Noble Prize).
  • Barone, G., Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2014). “Optimization of life-cycle maintenance of deteriorating bridges considering expected annual system failure rate and expected cumulative cost,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 140(2): 04013043.
  • Soliman, M., Frangopol, D.M., and Kwon, K., (2013). “Fatigue assessment and service life prediction of existing steel bridges by integrating SHM into a probabilistic bi-linear S-N approach,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 139(10): 1728-1740.
  • Soliman, M., Frangopol, D.M., and Kim, S., (2013). “Probabilistic optimum inspection planning for steel bridges with multiple fatigue sensitive details,” Engineering Structures, Elsevier, 49: 996-1006.
  • Kim, S., Frangopol, D.M. and Soliman, M., (2013). “Generalized probabilistic framework for optimum inspection and maintenance planning,” Journal of Structural Engineering, ASCE, 139(3): 435-447 (winner of the 2014 ASCE J. James R. Croes Medal).
  • Kwon, K., Frangopol, D.M., and Soliman, M., (2012). “Probabilistic fatigue life estimation of steel bridges by using a bilinear S-N approach,” Journal of Bridge Engineering, ASCE, 17(1): 58-70.
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