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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Faculty Research

The Division of Engineering Technology consists of six programs and each program is responsible for its respective field of research. The DET faculty members listed below carry-out individual research efforts and collaborate with other program members in these projects. Please see the faculty links below for further details.



Engineering Technology Research Facilities 


Construction Engineering Technology 

Fire Protection and Safety Engineering Technology 

MET/EET/MERO Facilities 



Research News and Grants

Development of a quantitative assessment model of WUI fire resilience
Place-Based, Human-Centered Networks to Enhance Community Resilience and Equity
Collaborative Research: REU site: Multi-disciplinary Research Experiences in Smart Personal Protective Equipment (SmaPP)
Fire Protection Subject Matter Experts
Understanding and Modeling the Informal Warning System to Enhance Community Resilience
Emergency signage mapping project 
Humanitarian Logistics Action Lab
Development of Control Interface Components for Autonomous Vehicle Systems ​
3D-Printed Maskants for Oklahoma City Air Logistics Complex (OC-ALC) Coating Processes
Virtual Reality Study of Line of Fire Incidents
Collaborative Research: RAPID:  Integrated Sociotechnical Investigations of the Compounding Impacts of Maui Wildfires fueled by Hurricane Dora
Phase iX:  Enhancement of the OK-EFRA web Application and Development of Dashboard to Support Local and Regional Emergency Planning Activities
Coping with Stressors:  Understanding Negative Emotions, Harmful Strategies, and the Role of Fire Service Culture
Emergency Signage Mapping Project - Phase 2
IAC Resilience Planning Tool
Phase VIII: Generalization of the EHS Flow Analysis and Risk Assessment Methodology and Development of OK-EFRA 2.0 with new Survey Data
Oklahoma State University Industrial Assessment Center


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