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Lynn T. Miller

Lynn T. Miller

Lynn T. Miller graduated from Cimarron High School in Boise City, OK in 1924. He was president of his senior class and participated in high school basketball, baseball and track. He matriculated at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College in the 1920’s and graduated in 1931. Lynn would later earn the Master of Science degree in 1941 and marry Eva soon after. During his career, he worked for Oklahoma Gas and Electric and other utility companies. Like many young men of his generation, he served proudly in the Navy during World War II and was honorably discharged in 1946. After leaving the Navy, he joined the Civil Service and became an educational specialist at the Air Force flight training headquarters. 


The rest of his story after 1951 is unknown, other than upon his death and the death of his wife Eva, the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering received a substantial gift in 2015 to create the Lynn T. Miller Endowment. That endowment was established “to be used to further the educational purposes of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and for scholarships for deserving students pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering.”

It is quite apparent from his student file that he was very fond of his alma mater. The file is replete with letters between him and the head, Professor N. Naeter. They corresponded frequently all through the 1940’s. It is a matter of conjecture that that fondness and his positive experience at OSU motivated him to designate ECE as a beneficiary in his will.


The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering and its students have benefitted greatly from the Lynn T. Miller Endowment. Although we cannot thank him personally, we nevertheless honor him as a Maxwellian for his incredible generosity.

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