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Martin Family Foundation

        The Martin Family Foundation has provided generous financial resources to the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) to enhance and advance renewable, sustainable and clean energy technologies. Such technologies include energy harvesting, smart micro-grids, smart energy systems, electric vehicles, and battery storage. Funds from the Martin Family Foundation will be deployed to support student projects, scholarships, seminars, and tours for both students of ECE and the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (CEAT).


        CEAT has already provided significant resources for a clean energy laboratory in its new educational building, ENDEAVOR, a 70,000 sqft, $30M structure that was opened in 2018. Associated with that laboratory is a bank of solar panels, a small vertical wind generator, and an array of storage batteries along with controllers, inverters, and monitoring equipment. This laboratory, with program support dollars from the Martin Family Foundation, will give ECE and CEAT students an outsized engineering experience in renewables, thus fulfilling the vision of the Martin Family Foundation—namely, to educate and engage our country’s budding “green” engineers and scientists. 

Wind turbine outside Endeavor 

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