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Non-Degree Student Guidebook


What to know before you apply for a CEAT Online course.

How to apply...

Step 1

Determine which application to fill out: Students from other universities who want to take a CEAT online learning course and not get a degree from OSU will fill out the Non-Degree Seeking application.

Non-Degree Seeking student can apply to enroll in up to 9 credit hours without meeting admission requirements. Although the application does not require a transcript to meet admission requirements, students will need to meet the prerequisites for the course, and will need to turn in a transcript showing that they meet the requirements. 

Step 2

Fill out application and pay application fee: 

1.Go to the Undergraduate Admissions to fill out the application.

2.Go to the Undergraduate Admissions payment page to pay the application fee. Application for admission requires a nonrefundable $40 application fee for domestic students.

You may pay your application fee online with a VISA or Mastercard or pay by cash in person. You may also mail or deliver a check or money order made out to Oklahoma State University to:


Undergraduate Admissions
219 Student Union
Stillwater, OK 74078


We accept ACT, SAT and NACAC application fee waivers. Have your high school guidance counselor forward your application fee waiver to our office by email at, by fax at (405) 744-7092 or by mail to the address above. 

We also accept application fee waivers for students who demonstrate need by receiving free or reduced lunch costs. Your high school guidance counselor should send a letter that states that you receive free or reduced lunches by email at, by fax (405) 744-7092, or through the mail at the address listed above.

Step 3

Send in transcripts to Pam Moore at 

Most CEAT Online Learning courses have prerequisites and students must meet these requirements before they can enroll in the course. When enrolling, make sure to find out what the prerequisites are and send your transcript to to get holds removed. Transcripts can be unofficial, but they must be legible and have the student's name visible.

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