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Exam Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding proctoring and testing centers in an online course.

  • What is a proctor?

    Proctors must come from official testing centers of any college/university/community college, business, or military base. Co-workers, associates, friends, family, and neighbors are NOT acceptable, regardless of their professional positions. 


    All proctors will be verified prior to sending any exams, and a company/business email along with website verification will be required to send all quizzes and exams to. NO Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. email accounts will be permitted.


    NOTE: Some professors have special requirements for proctors and they supersede our qualifications.
  • How can I find a testing center near me?

    Students on the OSU/Stillwater campus may use the University Testing Services located at the corner of Walnut and Admiral Ave., (405) 744-5958 .  For more information follow this link:


    Students in the Tulsa area may use the OSU-Tulsa Testing Services located at 700 N. Greenwood Ave., Main Hall 2302, Tulsa, OK. For more information follow this link: OSU-Tulsa Testing Center.


    Students in the Oklahoma City Area may use OSU-OKC Testing and Assessment, 900 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OK. For more information follow this link: OSU-OKC Testing & Assessment.


    Students outside of the OSU can contact their local university testing centers to set up appointments. Follow this link to search for proctors in our database.


    If you have any questions, you can contact our office at (405) 744-5146.

  • Will I receive a confirmation email when my testing center receives the exam?

    We will send you an email letting you know that your exam has been sent out, but you are responsible for contacting your specific proctor to ensure that the exam is there and ready for you. 

  • What is the proctor database? 

    The CEAT Online Proctor database allows students to search for testing centers near them. When you log into the database you will be able to look for testing centers based off your location. 


    If there is a testing center that you want to use and it is not in our database, click on the "My Proctor Isn't Listed" button and fill out the form. Once we receive this we will verify the proctor and add it to our database. 


    As noted by OSU,  “Our reputation and intellectual freedom at Oklahoma State depend on an uncompromising commitment to the ideal of academic integrity. We're committed to instilling and upholding integrity as a core value at OSU.”  


    Failure to comply with proctor/testing guidelines and/or submitting false/misleading information is grounds for academic misconduct and will result in the creation and submission of the OSU Academic Integrity Inquiry Form.

  • Do I have to use a testing center? Can I take my exam with the on-campus class?

    Online students must use a testing center to take their exams unless they have received permission from there professor to take the exam at an alternative site or in class with the on campus students. 


    If you received professor permission to use an alternative site or take the exam in class, please go to the proctor database and indicate where you will be taking the exam. 


    Please note: Students can select an "in-class" option in the proctor database.
  • How will I receive my graded exam?

    Grades for your exams will be posted to Canvas as soon as your professor is finished grading. 


    Click here for PDF instructions on how to view your grades in Canvas. 


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