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Testing Guidelines




Attention Online StudentsCEAT Faculty have the authority to decide if your exams will be given online or at a testing center.

Check your syllabus to find out if you can take an online exam or if you will need to set up an appointment at a Testing Center.






Proctor Information

You will need to find a proctor/testing center by the first week of classes.


1. Select your proctor using our proctor database.

2. If you do not see your proctor/testing center, fill out the Proctor Form in the database.

3. If your professor is providing a classroom on OSU Stillwater's campus, you do not need to fill out a proctor form, all you need to do is select "in class" in the proctor database.


Please Note: Proctor/Testing Center email addresses cannot be personal emails (Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, etc.). They have to have the university’s web domain or they will not be considered a valid proctor/testing center. 
Your co-workers, supervisors, friends, other students, family, personal tutors, or anyone with a potential conflict of interest will NOT be approved as a proctor.


Testing Centers

1. Testing Centers have to be located in a College, University, Community College, Business, or Military base.

2. Co-workers, associates, friends, family members and neighbors are not acceptable proctors, regardless of their professional positions, or whether Domestic or International.

3. All proctors will be verified prior to sending any tests, and a company/business email along with website verification will be required to send all quizzes and exams to. NO Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. email accounts will be permitted.

4. Testing Centers and Online Testing Providers charge an additional fee to use their facilities or services.


Please Note: Some professors have special requirements for proctors and they supersede our qualifications.

As noted by OSU ,  “Our reputation and intellectual freedom at Oklahoma State depend on an uncompromising commitment to the ideal of academic integrity. We're committed to instilling and upholding integrity as a core value at OSU.”  


Failure to comply with proctor/testing guidelines and/or submitting false/misleading information is grounds for academic misconduct and will result in the creation and submission of the OSU Academic Integrity Inquiry Form.

OSU Testing Centers in Oklahoma

UAT at Stillwater

Address: Corner of Walnut and Admiral AvenuePhone: 405-744-5958

OSU-Tulsa Testing

Address: 700 N. Greenwood Ave., Main Hall 2302, Tulsa, OKPhone: 918-594-8232

OSU-OKC Testing

Address: 900 N. Portland Ave., Oklahoma City, OKPhone: (405) 945-8648

We are here to help!

Contact Pam Moore or call 405-744-5146 for all your proctor and testing center quesitons. 

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