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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Melvin R. Lohmann Medal and CEAT Hall of Fame

Meet ECE Alumni who have received the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology's (CEAT) prestigious Melvin R. Lohmann Medal and who have been inducted into the CEAT Hall of Fame.

The Maxwellians:  ECE's Benefactors

Our ability to transport massive amounts of information and energy across the globe, and our ability to store and process massive amounts of data, have directly contributed to economic prosperity, higher standards of living, and greater longevity for everyone. The future is only limited by our imaginations and the education that we provide to our next generation of electrical and computer engineers. 
The Maxwellians of ECE recognize that the future of our profession is in the hands of our current students. The Maxwellians are an esteemed group of alumni, individuals, organizations, and trusts who have given or pledged to give a portion of their financial resources to support the School’s fundamental mission of teaching, research and service. They are named after James C. Maxwell, the father of electrical engineering, who unified the separate theories of electricity, magnetism, and optics.

OSU Diversity Hall of Fame: ECE Inductees and Award Receipients

The OSU Diversity Hall of Fame recognizes alumni and university supporters who have significantly contributed to the advancement of diversity and inclusion at OSU and who have distinguished themselves in their particular field or profession and the betterment of their community. The Hall of Fame was established by OSU’s Division of Institutional Diversity in 2015.
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