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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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Course List 

The following is a list of approved courses for the MSETM program. There are 8 required credit hours, and the other other 24 credit hours come from electives.  For more details on curriculum requirements and schedules use the list of links at the bottom of the page.

  • REQUIRED -  8 credit hours

    ETM 5111  Introduction to Strategy, Technology and Integration

    ETM 5511  Capstone Preparation

    ETM 5133 Capstone to Strategy, Technology and Integration

    ETM 5143  Strategic Decision Analysis for Engineering and Tech. Managers

  • One-credit-hour electives (Minimum of 3 hours/multiples of 3)

    ETM 5221  Engineering Teaming

    ETM 5241  Strategic Project Management

    ETM 5291  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis in Design

    ETM 5341  Leadership Strategies

    ETM 5351  Planning Technical Projects

    ETM 5411  Engineering Economic Analysis

  • Three-credit-hour electives (Remaining 21 hours)

    ETM 5153  Foundations of Engineering Management

    ETM 5163  Business Innovation and Technology

    ETM 5253  Problem Solving and Decision Making

    ETM 5283  Strategic Planning

    ETM 5943  Lean Sigma Implementation
    IEM 5003 Probability and Statistics
    IEM 5103  Breakthrough Quality
    IEM 5113  Strategic Quality Leadership

    IEM 5413  Engineering Entrepreneurship
    IEM 5503  Financial and Adv. Capital Investment Analysis

    IEM 5603  Project Management
    IEM 5613  Integrated Manufacturing Control Systems
    IEM 5743  Information Systems and Technology

    IEM 5763  Supply Chain Strategy

    IEM 5813  Performance Measurement Systems
    LSB 5203  Foundations of Issue and Conflict Management
    MGMT 5073  Management and Ethical Leadership

    MGMT 5083  Corporate and Social Responsibility

    MGMT 5113  Management and Organization Theory

    MGMT 5533  Leadership Challenges

    MKTG 5133  Marketing Management
    MSIS 5213  Information Assurance Management

    SOC 5813  Organizational Change, Myths and Realities


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