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Plan of Study

The MSETM curriculum offers students an opportunity to customize their plan to meet their career needs. There are relatively few required hours and a large number of electives. For that reason it is very rare that any two students' plans are exactly alike. While a formal plan is not required by the graduate college until a student is halfway through their program, anytime after being admitted is a good time to start mapping out your plan. The advising worksheet will be helpful in this process. Think of the worksheet as a draft plan that can be used by the student and their advisor to determine the course load and classes for each semester.


If your employer requires a signed degree plan as part of their tuition assistance program the MSETM office can provide one. 

Step #1: The Advising Worksheet

Use the Advising Worksheet and follow the instructions for submission included in the file. Your advisor will then review your plan and make suggestions before an official plan is filed with the graduate college. The Checklist will help verify that you are meeting the program and university requirements.


Step #2: The Graduate College Online Plan of Study

Before a student completes 17 hours of graduate coursework they are expected to have a Plan of Study on file at the graduate college. Students are prompted by the graduate college and/or the MSETM office when they reach this milestone. At that time the graduate college will put a hold on enrollment until the student submits their official plan using the Online Plan of Study process. The MSETM office will assist you as much as needed in submitting this plan.


To start, login to the Online Plan of Study using your Okey credentials. If you have already completed Step #1 above and have a completed worksheet, Step #2 should be a fairly simple process.


The following hints will be useful when completing the on-line plan of study.

1. The MSETM degree is a “Non-Thesis” program. You will need to select "Creative Component". 


2. Committe composition:

Your Chair and Advisor is Dr. Terry Collins, Industrial Engineering and Mgmt.


For additional members, you may select two of the following:

  • Dr. Tieming Liu 
  • Dr. Jennifer Glenn 
  • Dr. Joseph Nuamah 
  • Dr. Manjunath Kamath  
  • Dr. Katie Jurewicz

Please contact potential committee members to determine their willingness to serve on your committee. Contact information can be found here.


3. Mark the course "ETM 5133 Capstone to STI" as the one that meets the creative component/non-thesis requirement.


Once a student submits the online plan of study it will be circulated for electronic signatures. This process usually takes a day or two depending on the availability of faculty. After the plan is approved by the program, the graduate college will review it and remove the hold if it meets their criteria.


Keep in mind that it is normal for students to make adjustments to their plan after they have submitted this original version. It is not necessary however to repeat the submission and signature process every time a change is made. Instead, students should discuss any changes with their advisor, continue their progress and a submit a final, corrected version during their graduation semester.

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