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Bentley Education Software

Under Bentley’s Education Program, students and educators can access learning licenses of Bentley applications at no cost. Educators and students are entitled to receive software, training, and support from Bentley Education.


To access the resources, educators and students will need to create a Bentley Education account at

How Create Your Education Account

  1. Visit Bentley Education Portal
  2. Click Log in
  3. Enter your OSU email address (for example “”)
    • If you have an existing account, click log in Reset your password if you need to.
    • New Accounts click "Don't have an account? Register now"
    • Supply the requested information
    • Click "Create Account"

Software Activation

Software is typically activated the first time you use it, by going through the following steps:

  1. Open CONNECTION Client and ensure you are signed in.
  2. Open your product (MicroStation, OpenRoads, etc.). When opened for the first time, it  will check with the license server to determine whether it has access to the product.

To confirm your access, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Bentley Licensing Tool
  2. Locate the listing for your product and note the value in the Access column.
  3. If the Access column shows a value of "Allowed", your organization has licenses for this product, and your Bentley login has been permitted to use it.

For more detailed instructions on product activation, including steps to manually activate products, see the following Bentley Communities page: Here



Unlimited Software Use

Free, unlimited access to learning licenses to Bentley’s most popular applications used by professionals. Over 60 software titles can be downloaded and activated for use on your home or lab computer or laptop.


Self-Paced Learning Resources

The path to expert knowledge of Bentley's software products includes training created by Bentley for Bentley users. Access to a wide range of self-paced learning resources to earn certificates and boost your resume awaits. Each self paced learning course contains multiple lessons, which easily lead the viewer to real examples of how to use the software of interest.


Bentley Support Community

Access to a community of peers and industry experts from around the world, with tips and tricks to help students grow in their careers and land their dream job, awaits. Plus, the latest industry news and trends, quizzes, stories from other students and young industry professionals, and much more.

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