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National Instruments Labview/Multisim


Prerequisite: You must have an NI User Account. If you do not, create one at



  1. Use your O-key account to retrieve and save the OSU NI serial number from this link:OSU NI Serial Number
  2. Access the Labview download at this link:
    Labview download page
  3. Select the appropriate download:
    1. Select your operating system
    2. Ensure the version is the most current version. (Previous versions are not available under the student license.)
    3. Under Editions, select “Base, Full, Professional”
    4. Select 32- or 64-bit
    5. Under Driver Software, select Yes or No, according to your needs
    6. Click Download
  4. At the prompt for NI User Account login, enter your NI user account credentials.
  5. Upon login, the download will continue. It will only take a few moments.


  1. Once downloaded, locate the NI executable file located in your Downloads folder (for example, "ni-labview-2023_23.5_suite_online.exe")
  2. Double-click the executable to launch the installer and install the NI Package Manager
  3. At the window Installing LabVIEW and drivers, select the software packages and drivers you wish to install, then click Next
  4. Select any desired Additional Items and click Next
  5. Continue through the installation. Installation will take several minutes and may require a reboot upon completion. 


  1. After reboot, launch the NI License Manager
  2. Select Log in to Activate and enter your NI user account credentials.
  3. At the Activate Software screen, use the drop-down menu to change the activation method to “Enter a serial number”
  4. Enter the serial number next to each product you need to activate, then click the Activate button
  5. You should get a message that says “Activation was successful”



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