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Computer Labs, Working Off-Campus, & Software

The Engineering North 019 is open. OSU IT has provided a list of resources for students, faculty and staff who wish to work off-campus. During the flex campus hours students, faculty and staff can access software while off campus. 
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Are You A Student?

With a staff of mostly OSU students we provide flexible scheduling, onsite training, online training, and opportunities for advancement.

IT News

  • Mac support extremely limited for CEAT applications

    Most CEAT software applications, particularly SolidWorks and AutoCAD, do not run natively on MacOS, so a student must run Windows on their Mac to use our software. This has typically been done by repartitioning the hard drive and installing windows (aka, "Bootcamp) or using virtualization software such as Parallels.


    However, Bootcamp will no longer work with M1 Mac computers. The new Apple M1 ARM chip does not support Bootcamp and Apple has no plans to offer that support in the future. Bootcamp is effectively discontinued.


    Therefore, the only option at this point is to use Parallels (currently the only virtualization platform that runs on the M1 chip). But this option is not feasible for the following reasons:

    In the coming months, Microsoft may release Windows 10 ARM into production, which *may* give Mac users a path forward. But that is far from certain.


    Currently the only options for new Mac users are going to the EN019 computer lab or connecting to our virtual lab.


    Cowboy Family,


    In light of rising cases on campus and a lack of mask wearing indoors in public, OSU administration and I met yesterday afternoon to discuss additional COVID-19 protocols for our campus. While more communications will be coming out this week, we wanted to provide an immediate update about masks on campus.


    “Masks Expected” on Campus

    Science continues to prove that mask wearing helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. With evidence that the Delta variant is more than twice as infectious and is leading to increased transmissibility when compared to other variants, even in vaccinated individuals, we must be vigilant as a campus community.


    With that in mind, we expect masks to be worn indoors, in public on campus. This includes classrooms, laboratories and all indoor meetings and gatherings.


    Masks are being made widely available across the campus so that all students and employees will have access to masks. We have updated our campus signage to reflect this expectation so that you may come to campus prepared and immediately download, print and post these signs in your respective areas.


    Virtual COVID-19 Town Hall — Thursday, 4 p.m.

    To efficiently reach out to all students, employees and parents, President Shrum along with university officials will host a virtual COVID-19 Town Hall this Thursday at 4 p.m. to answer your questions. The town hall will be streamed live on OState.TV.


    Town Hall Meeting - Thursday 4pm

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