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New Faculty/Staff Wi-Fi

On July 15, OSU-Stillwater and OSU-Tulsa are transitioning to the Eduroam global WiFi service, which will give students and employees secure and fast internet connectivity at any participating Eduroam campus.

What you need to do:

  1. Visit your network settings.
  2. If you were previously connected to OSUSTAFF, “forget” the network before connecting to Eduroam. To forget a network, visit your network settings, and select the option to forget the network.
  3. From the list of available networks, choose eduroam.
  4. When prompted, enter your email address and password, then click submit. You must use your full address; short names (without the will not work.
  5. Read and agree to the network acceptable use agreement. Choose to Trust the network.

For Android users:

  1. Choose PEAP for the EAP method drop-down menu
  2. Choose Do Not Validate from the CA Certificate drop-down menu
  3. Choose MSCHAPV2 from the Phase 2 authentication drop-down menu (On some Android phones this will be in the Advanced tap at the bottom. Also, you will need to save the settings after changing to MSCHAPV2)
  4. Enter Okey email address
  5. Enter password
  6. Connect to eduroam


Microsoft Remote Desktop Critical Vulnerability

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced the presence of a critical vulnerability with the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) service present in: Windows XP, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2.  Exploitation of this vulnerability could allow unauthorized users remote access to affected systems.  Windows 8, Windows 10, Server 2012, Server 2016, and Server 2019 appear to be unaffected by this vulnerability.

In response, Microsoft has released patches for the affected operating systems.  Currently supported operating systems (Windows 7, Server 2008, and Server 2008 R2) should be patched to the latest available version as soon as possible.  Out-of-support systems (Windows XP and Server 2003) will also receive a patch dedicated to addressing this vulnerability.

Additional information regarding this vulnerability and where to obtain necessary patches are included in the following Microsoft TechNet article:

NOTE: If you have any questions regarding updating your machine please feel free to contact us at the Chat button below or at 405-744-1753.


Chat Feature

CEAT IT has been testing a chat support feature through our webpage. We are proud to announce that it is fully functional and ready for use. You can start a chat by selecting the following image/button anywhere you see it in the website. 


Microsoft Dreamspark - New Page and Design

We have just received an update to the Dreamspark software resources page. The site is accessible in the same way as before by clicking on Software >  Software Downloads > Microsoft Dreamspark. Once you are at the page you will need to authenticate using your O-Key credentials. 

Please let us know if you require any assistance navigating this url design. We will post updates as we find them in the site.