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Solidworks 2021-2022

Get your access code here.

To start the download process go to:

You will need to create a Solidworks account. Once you have the account created you will be given a registration page to enter your access code and verify your account activation. After this is completed you will be taken to a page to allow you to start the download.

NOTE: SolidWorks cannot be installed onto an Apple computer's Mac operating system. To install SolidWorks on an Apple computer Windows will need to be installed. This will require the creation of a new partition on your hard drive. CEAT IT accomplishes this with the help of the Bootcamp Assistant. It is recommended that computers are brought to Engineering North 018 for assistance with this process. The process usually takes an hour and a half but can take longer depending on the machine.

System Requirements for SolidWorks

Installation Guides for SolidWorks


  • For help with activation and installation please contact CEAT ITS at 018 Engineering North or
  • For all other help please do the following:
    1. Contact your instructor
    2. Search the internet for forum posts on SolidWorks
    3. Search YouTube for SolidWorks videos
    4. Go to
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