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Solidworks 2022-2023

Fill out the SolidWorks Student Kit form and download the software

Retrieve the OSU-CEAT serial number

During installation, put the 2022-23 serial number in when prompted.


NOTE: SOLIDWORKS 2022/2023 only runs on 64-bit Windows 10. Files you open and save in SOLIDWORKS 2022/2023 EDU cannot be opened in earlier versions.


SolidWorks does not run on MacOS.


System Requirements for SolidWorks

Installation Guides for SolidWorks


  • For help with activation and installation please contact CEAT ITS at 018 Engineering North or
  • For all other help please do the following:
    1. Contact your instructor
    2. Search the internet for forum posts on SolidWorks
    3. Search YouTube for SolidWorks videos
    4. Go to
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