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Solidworks 2023

Fill out the SolidWorks Student Kit form and download the software

Retrieve the OSU-CEAT serial number


11/10/2023 - Important note - When downloading SOLIDWORKS, select 2023 (SP2.1). Do not select 2024 until we have received an updated serial number for the newer version.


During installation, enter the serial number when prompted.


NOTE: SOLIDWORKS 2023 only runs on 64-bit Windows 10. Files you open and save in SOLIDWORKS 2023 EDU cannot be opened in earlier versions.


SolidWorks does not run on MacOS.


System Requirements for SolidWorks

Installation Guides for SolidWorks


  • For help with activation and installation please contact CEAT ITS at 018 Engineering North or
  • For all other help please do the following:
    1. Contact your instructor
    2. Search the internet for forum posts on SolidWorks
    3. Search YouTube for SolidWorks videos
    4. Go to
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