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Oklahoma State University


Downloading the ANSYS installation files may take several hours.  Please ensure you have a strong internet connection.  If you experience issues with the download please visit Engineering North 018 to obtain a copy of the download.

Downloading ANSYS
  1. Navigate to the IT Software Distribution Center (
  2. Sign-in using your O-Key credentials.
  3. Choose the "Stillwater CEAT Student" role in the available list and select Continue.
  4. Choose the radio button next to the ANSYS software. (Note: If you are on Windows 7 and needing ANSYS 17.0 use the first two disk options, those are in ZIP format and will install easier.)
  5. Select Proceed to Checkout.
  6. Leave the install directory as default.
  7. Select Agree, Continue, and Confirm to move through the checkout process.
  8. Here you will see two download options for disk 1 and disk 2 of the ANSYS software.
  9. Once the software is downloaded select finish and run ANSYS.

Installing ANSYS

  1. Choose "Install ANSYS Products"
  2. Accept the license agreement.
  3. Leave the install directory as default.
  4. Check the top checkbox "Associate file extensions with ANSYS products...".
  5. Do not check the bottom two checkboxes.
  6. ANSYS Licensing Interconnect port number: 2325
  7. ANSYS FlexNet port number: 1055
  8. Select number of license server machines: 1-server
  9. Hostname 1:
  10. Wait for the installer to detect the products to install. May take a minute.
  11. (You will have a second disk option present after the first disk is complete. Please navigate to the location of the second disk when prompted.)
  12. Leave all options selected and click next.
  13. Select the "Skip all and configure later..." checkbox at the bottom.
  14. Click the right arrow to begin the install.
  15. Installation complete!
  16. When launching the program for the first time be sure to allow firewall access to all components.

For additional installation options please see the below:

  1. ANSYS is available from our office in Engineering North 018. We would be happy to assist you with the installation.

  2. You can download the free student version. Be aware that the student version of the software has limited functionality.