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Psychrometric Chambers

Housed in the ATRC, these facilities were contructed by students over the last 5 years. They are large enough to fit rooftop air conditioning units and are capable of 20 tons of air conditioning capacity. These rooms can be used for everything from unit testing to component testing. 

Psychrometric ChambersThese chambers allow for researchers to establish any condition a building may be subjected to

Chamber Facility

Allows for indoor and outdoor conditions 
-40° F  
Lowest Temperature in Outdoor Room

The outdoor room will alllow for testing all the way to -40° F
130° F
Highest Temperature in Outdoor Room

The outdoor room will allow for testing up to 130° F 
Cubic Foot per Minute

Airflow Circulation Capacity

Compressor Load Stands

State-of-the-art compressor testing capabilities. These load stands can test from 80 tons all the way down to 10 tons. This range of testing capabilities can only be found within the CIBS infrastructure at OSU. The compressor load stands are ready for the next generation of refrigerants and ready for a large range of compressors. 
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