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Development of a Semi-Empirical Compressor Model Accounting for Modulation and Extrapolation 
  • Project Team: Students: Kalen Gabel, Amjid Khan, Caleb Bengs Faculty: Craig R. Bradshaw
  • Project Number: 21-11/AR-40
  • Goals: Project aims to replace conventional regression-based models (e.g AHRI map) with a semi-empirical model that captures modulation and extrapolation for all positive displacement compressors
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver: a new semi-empirical model, a populated, compressor performance database and machine learning algorithms for model development 

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Development of Reduced-order System Models for Next Generation Comfort Cooling Equipment
  • Project Team: Students: Shahzad Yousaf, Mohsin Tanveer, Faculty: Craig R. Bradshaw, Rushikesh Kamalapurkar, Omer San
  • Project Number: AR-42
  • Goals: This project aims to develop reduced order models for variable speed unitary equipment to support development of equipment maps, building energy models, and model-predictive optimal control.
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver: a reduced order model of unitary equipment in cooling mode, equipment test data, and a high-fidelity dynamic equipment model 
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Optimization of Ground Heat Exchanger Thermal and Hydraulic Design
  • Project Team: Students: Timothy WestFaculty: Jeffrey D. Spitler
  • Project Number: 22-05
  • Goals: Project aims to develop automated methods for hydraulic design of ground heat exchangers (GHE), complementing recently developed automated thermal design methods.
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver: a comprehensive GHE cost function, a hydraulic-circuiting algorithm based on graph theory, a pipe sizing interfaces, and simple user interface


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Enabling Thermal Energy Storage to Accommodate Oklahoma Wind Energy-TriCoil as Cost Effective Means for Residential System Integration
  • Project Team: Student: Farhan Istiaque, Khaled I. AlghamdiFaculty: Christian K. Bach, Jeffrey D. Spitler
  • Project Number: OCAST AR21-037
  • Goals: This project will evaluate the TriCoil, anticipated to allow cost effective integration of diurnal timespan thermal energy storage with conventional AC or heat pump systems
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will evaluate the TriCoil, anticipated to allow cost effective integration of thermal energy storage with near conventional air conditioning or heat pump systems


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Low GWP Refrigerant Evaluation for Fin-tube Coils - Difference in Coil and Simulation Model Performance
  • Project Team: Student: Matin Ghadri; Faculty: Christian K. Bach, Craig R. Bradshaw
  • Project Number: 21-05
  • Goals: Project aims to investigate the required design changes for accommodating low-GWP refrigerants in fin-tube heat exchangers, including validation of the CIBS xFIn simulation model. 
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver high fidelity HX performance data sets, additional validation of the CIBS xFin simulation model, and updated heat exchanger design guidelines


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Physics-Based Charge Models for Fin-Tube and Microchannel Heat Exchangers
  • Project Team: Student: Abraham J. LeeFaculty: Christian K. Bach, Craig R. Bradshaw
  • Project Number: 22-03
  • Goals: This project aims to increase charge prediction accuracy levels to better than 10% through an experimentally validated artificial neural network void fraction tuning, retaining physics. 
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver a high fidelity HX charge data set, and a validated ANN enhanced void fraction submodel for the CIBS xFin simulation model
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Toward Optimal Secondary Furnace Heat Exchanger: Modeling of Furnace Combustion Gas Condensation 
  • Project: Students: Hyunjin ParkFaculty: Aaron Alexander, Christian Bach 
  • Project Number: 21-02
  • Goals: Develop predictive lookup tables and correlations for heat transfer and condensation in furnace secondary heat exchangers
  • Outcomes/Deliverables: This project will deliver: 1. a lookup table of heat transfer value for a range of tube diameters, inlet temperatures and mass flow rates, and trubulator twists; 2. correlations for heat transfer and condensation developed from the lookup tables
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