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Welcome to CIBS

 CIBS is an exciting new industry/university partnership with the mission to serve the industry with the highest quality, tangible, outcomes that are focused on your needs. CIBS has a technical and operational vision that evolved from discussions with hundreds of stakeholders. CIBS is proud to say that the result of this hard work is a center which can provide unequaled value to its members in an enjoyable environment. 

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Our Impact 


CIBS has a vision of a built environment that is holistically connected from component to grid-levels that maximizes energy utilization without sacrifice to occupant comfort or equipment performance. The center will develop the physical/cyber-physical models and datasets which are required to assess and suggest appropriate integration of equipment, systems, with the structures and surrounding environment. These models and datasets will be disseminated in a common data framework that is accessible to the breadth of stakeholders to inform and evolve all aspects of the building design process. Further, the models and datasets will codified and disseminated to our members with the objective of delivering recurring, tangible, center outcomes to support the member companies’ long-term objectives.

                To address this vision, CIBS has a mission to serve our membership by providing tangible outcomes and manpower to improve the integration of components, systems, and the built environment through an exploration of the fundamental mechanisms of interaction from component to building scales. To accomplish this, we will bring together researchers and stakeholders from across the spectrum (Component Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) –Equipment OEM’s - Architecture and Engineering Firm (A&E)) to address the lack of integration and feedback in a rigorous way that is governed by a common mission.

                Our stakeholders have helped us arrive at a list of 5 research thrusts that will be the focus of the center over its first years.  These are broadly, components, furnaces, hydronic systems, connected systems, and acoustics/vibrations. We commit to deliver relevant research outcomes, manpower, and an exciting environment for creativity and collaboration between our stakeholders and researchers with a focus on these research thrusts. 

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A holistically built environment that is integrated from component to grid maximizing energy utilization, occupant comfort and equipment performance.


Provide tangible outcomes and manpower to support the integration of components, systems, and buildings through an exploration of the fundamental mechanisms of interaction from component to building scales.

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