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A message from Wanying Zheng, the 2021 Outstanding Senior, to the future students of Civil Engineering:

Congratulations! Choosing to be an engineer can be a bold and brave decision, but choosing Civil—a super broad field with endless possibilities—is an even bigger challenge. I am happy that you have found a path you enjoy, and here are my two cents that may or may not help your journey down that path: take opportunities that come your way and take care of your health......

Wanying Zheng


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Civil engineers build the future. The exceptional diversity of professional practice in civil and environmental engineering presents many career opportunities for students.
The concern of civil engineers is infrastructure - the design, construction, management, alteration and utilization, which allows society to function. Civil engineers plan, design and construct, highways, waterway and railway systems, harbors and shipping facilities, systems for the treatment and distribution of water and for the collection and treatment of municipal and industrial waste, dams and hydroelectric works, airports and terminals, structures of every kind including buildings, bridges, towers, industrial plants, tunnels and subway systems, processes for the control of water and air pollution, and many other works of general benefit to society.

Scholarship Opportunities

There are many scholarship opportunities for you!
Each year the College of Engineering Architecture and Technology awards over $3 million in scholarship support. OSU, CEAT and CIVE offer many scholarships to help you through your academic career.  
We are dedicated to making your academic journey as affordable as possible. 

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