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Advising Information: Common Issues and Questions

  • Who is my advisor?

    CEAT has several types of advisors. Students are assigned based on factors like major, where they are in the program, and how the department does advising. You can see your advisor by checking your Profile in the (Student → Student Records).

    The information provided on this page is specific to the CEAT Student Services advisors, and If your advisor is in the department, they might  have slightly different policies.  If you are concerned you should contact them directly.

  • How do I contact my advisor? 

    Advisor contact info 

    ALWAYS include your first name, last name, and CWID.


    ALWAYS USE YOUR OKSTATE.EDU EMAIL ADDRESS AND include content in the subject line.  An email from a non-okstate email or without a subject line may be treated as spam by an email server.


    Please allow up to 48 hours for response.


    Email can be a very quick and efficient way to have your questions answered.  Some questions, however, are better addressed in an appointment.

    • Appropriate questions via email
    • How do I find my enrollment date?
    • Can you send me the link to the general education requirements?
    • How do I apply to graduate?
    • Referrals to other offices
    • Follow-up on appointments and/or petitions
    • Difficult questions via email – schedule an appointment and we are happy to discuss them with you
    • What classes should I schedule?
    • How many hours do I have left before I can graduate?
    • What general education requirements do I have left?
    • More involved, specific, individualized questions

    A note about email etiquette: Include a greeting in your email, such as "Hello Dr. Smith," or "Dear Mike,." An advisor should be addressed as "Dr.," "Mr.," or "Mrs." and his or her last name, unless he or she has specifically introduced themselves with his or her first name and have given you permission to address him or her as such. Also, using  "Hey" instead of "Hi," "Hello," or "Dear" is considered too familiar and thus is inappropriate for email to anyone other than your friends. Do not use texting shortcuts.

  • How do I schedule an appointment? 


    Login to the SLATE System to schedule an appointment online. You may do so by clicking on the SLATE icon when you login to your page.



    Call our office directly at 405.744.5276 to schedule your advising appointment.


    Front Desk

    Come to the front desk of CEAT Student Services, 109 ATRC, to schedule your appointment.


    Things to know before your advising appointment

    • Find your enrollment data using this guide.
    • Log in to your Banner Self Service Page.
      • Check for holds that prevent you from enrollment (Student → Student Records). Please clear your holds prior to your enrollment date. We will take care of your advising hold when we meet with you to plan your schedule. 
      • You can search for available courses in Student → Registration → Look Up Classes
    • Schedule your appointment in advance. During peak times of the semester, our advising office can be booked as far as three weeks out. 
    • Many forms, dropping classes and financial aid issues all have important deadlines. Please make sure you are aware of those deadlines. If your advisor isn't available prior to a deadline, please consider using our Fast Track Walk-in Times (see below).
    • If you cannot make your appointment, please call our front desk (405.744.5276) or go online to cancel your appointment. Another student may be able to fill your appointment time. 
    • Students who are more than 10 minutes late to their appointment will have to reschedule. 
  • What is Walk-in Fast Track Advising?

    We have walk-in advising available for many of your basic advising needs.  There is an advisor on duty between 10 a.m. -12 p.m. and 1 p.m. -3 p.m. each weekday. You may come in person at those times, or you may call our front desk at 405.744.5276 to be connected to an advisor over the phone or to get virtual zoom room information.

    In FastTrack we can help you with:

    • Changing your Major
    • Adding a Minor
    • Adding or Dropping a Class (with advisor signature)
    • Making an appointment with your advisor
    • Referrals, Directions to, Connections with other campus resources
    • General Questions

    In FastTrack we can NOT help you with:

    • Removing your Advising Holds (the required appointment with your advisor each semester)

  • How do I drop a class?

    If you are struggling in a course, consult with your advisor or instructor about academic support resources or the possibly of taking an incomplete* prior to dropping the course. DO NOT just stop attending your course! You need to speak with an advisor before dropping courses and/or withdrawing from the university. Stressing out because it is the last day to drop without a penalty and you cannot get in to meet with your advisor?  Email your advisor about your situation.

    In many/most situations courses can be dropped online from the Banner system (Student → Registration → Add or Drop Classes). Instructors have the option to give students a grade of 'Incomplete,' but will only do so in extenuating circumstances.

    BEFORE YOU DROP – Be aware that a reduction in hours due to a course drop (or a withdrawal from the university) may affect:

    • Financial Aid (including scholarships, grants, loans, and Consortium Agreements) - Contact the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, 119 Student Union Stillwater, OK 74078, (email -, phone - 405.744.6604 or fax - 405.744.6438, School Code: 003170), to speak with a staff person before doing anything to your schedule.
    • Benefits received under the G.I. Bill ((614) 247-VETS (8387)).
    • Automotive insurance - if you receive discounts for being a full-time student.
    • Health insurance - if you need to be a full-time student to be covered on a parent's policy.
    • Your athletic eligibility - If you are a varsity athlete, you must see your athletic advisor first, to obtain permission, before taking a signed form to your academic advisor.
    • Your visa - If you are an international student, you must see an advisor in the International Students and Scholars office for approval before taking a signed form to your academic advisor.  Call 405.744.5459.
  • Can I email or call my advisors with my course selections and have my enrollment hold removed?

    No.  CEAT and OSU policy states that you must meet with your advisor every semester prior to your hold being removed.

  • What do I do if the course you told me to take conflicts with another or isn’t available?

    Consult your advising packet of information. It is likely that your advisor gave you alternative courses to plan.  If there is not an alternative, those do not work, or if you still have questions, make another appointment on the SLATE System to see your advisor.  Your advisor can help you figure out any replacement courses, or if necessary seek permission for you to enroll in a closed course.  Permission to enroll in closed courses is very rare and you should not plan on that permission being granted.  You can watch the enrollment system for other students to drop the course or you can take another course that is open and fits into your plan.  You may also add yourself to the waitlist for a course.

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