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Sarah Ayres

Sarah Ayers

Assistant Director

Majors Advised: All


About Sarah: I have been working in higher education for many years and love helping students be successful.  I believe that everyone belongs in higher ed, and at OSU.  I want to help you get the degree you want and provide tools and suggestions to make it possible.


Hometown: Pryor, OK


High School: Pryor High School


College: Oklahoma City University; Kansas State University

  • Bachelor of Music - Piano Performance

  • Master of Science - Academic Advising

Hobbies: Reading, writing fiction, tabletop games, ceramics, fine art, walking long distances for fandom themed medals


Favorite Music: I don't particularly have a favorite, mostly music that makes me feel things or that I can sing along with.


Favorite Movie: Probably if pressed I would say Inside Out, but there are so many great ones.


Favorite Book: I read so many different things.  I’m a sucker for a good love story, and a quality adventure is impossible to put down.


Favorite OSU Memory: I love a college campus in the evening.  A few students going to class, others socializing and activities.  Stage shows, basketball games, activities to do.  Beautiful buildings lit up.


Something not everyone knows about you: I love to create things.  I write fiction, throw pots, and paint abstracts.  It is much cheaper than therapy.


Favorite Quote: "Let the lamp become what the light wants it to be"


Favorite Website: Probably one where I can buy a book, or a game, or art supplies

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