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Mary K. Francis

Mary Francis

Academic Advisor


Hometown: Enid, OK       


High School: Enid High School


College: Oklahoma State University and Kansas State University


  • BS Education and Health Promotion
  • MS Academic Advising

Hobbies: reading, traveling, and riding in my husband’s Jeep


Favorite Music: 80’s rock and musicals


Favorite Movie: Anything that is not too serious.


Favorite Book: Mostly fiction suspense, fantasy. But also, a great historical novel can capture my attention.


Something not everyone knows about you: I hate pickles.


Favorite Quote:.


Best Advice for College Students: Make a plan and do something every day towards your goal. Make a plan for your academics, a plan for your finances, a plan to go to the movie with friends. Plans may change, but you should still be working and moving forward every day.


Favorite OSU memory:

  1. As a student: Being a part of the Cowboy Marching Band. I made life-long friends from my time in the band. The excitement and school spirit built from it is one reason I am still at OSU today.
  2. As an advisor: Graduation May 2022. Seeing all my graduating students come down the ramp after receiving their diploma. Getting many hugs and high fives from them and celebrating their accomplishment.


Other: I came to Stillwater to attend OSU and have been here ever since. I have worked in many different fields, but they were all related to education. I started working for CEAT when a friend texted me and said “I think you would be great at this job we have opened.” It took a lot for me to step out of my comfort zone to give it a try, but it has been the most rewarding job of my life.


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