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Yokolanda Speight

Yokolanda Speight

Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion

About Yokolanda:

My mother wanted to give me a unique and rememberable name, so she named me Yokolanda.  My mother was successful in her efforts however, people struggle to pronounce my name, so I go by “Yoko” for short. 


HometownPonca City, Oklahoma 


College: Oklahoma State University 

·         BS Business Administration Management 


Hobbies:. I enjoy reading, writing, music, cooking with family, and sightseeing   


Favorite MusicI like many genres of music from pop, Christian, rock, alternative, 80’s/90’s and hip hop/rap,. 


Favorite Movie: At times I can be a bit of a movie junky, so there are too many to list but my favorite genres are comedy and action. 


Favorite Book:. The last book I enjoyed was The Defining Decade by Meg Jay—it’s about the importance of your 20’s and how decisions you make influence your future years. 


Something not everyone knows about you: I am a full-time student at OSU, as well as, a full-time OSU employee; I graduate May 2019. 


Favorite Quote: “Make a liar out of them”.  People will project their insecurities and fears on to you if you let them.  Saying you can’t do something; prove them wrong. 


Best Advice for College Students: Know your self-worth; take time to learn your strengths and weaknesses.  And don’t be afraid of failure; but when you fall, get back up and try again. 


Favorite OSU memory: My fondest memory would be attending OSU CEAT graduation.  I loved seeing and congratulating the graduates, and meeting their families. 


Favorite Web Site  I like any health/medical and surgery sites.

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