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OSU virtual lab sessions use VMware Horizon, a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology. There are three virtual machines you can connect to:

  1. "Virtual Lab and SAS" - this is for all OSU students and has only basic software
  2. "CEAT Labs" - this option is available to all CEAT students, faculty, and staff
  3. "CEAT GPU Desktop" - you will only see this option if you are enrolled in certain classes. It is a high-performance graphics machine.

Getting Started

The easiest way to access the Virtual Lab is through the web client, but has some limitations. Copying and pasting between the virtual lab computer and your device may not work. Files cannot be moved between systems either. Use the computer client if you need these advanced features.


Web Client

  1. Using Chrome or Firefox visit

  2. Select "VMware Horizon HTML Access"

  3. Sign in using your O-Key account.

  4. Select "CEAT Labs"

Computer Client

You will need administrative access to follow these instructions.

  1. Using Chrome or Firefox visit to

  2. Click the "Install VMware Horizon Client."

  3. From VMware's website find your device and install the app.

  4. Open the new VMware Horizon View Client.

  5. For the Default Horizon Connection Server enter "".

  6. Click the icon.

  7. Log in using your O-Key credentials.

  8. When the dialog box opens, choose "CEAT Labs"

Available Software



Automation Studio





On-Screen Takeoff 3




Supply Chain Guru X

Available to

CEAT students, faculty, and staff


Frequently Asked Questions

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