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Spring 2024

Teams and Projects Guide
Thank you so much for coming to the Senior Design Expo!
Click the link below to access the Program (PDF) of the Event and to see project details and presentations! 
  • SPRING 2023 Aerospace Propulsion and Power Senior Design Expo

    AERO 8:00 AM-5:00 PM in the Classroom Building Northeast Lawn.


    (MAE) A Retrofit Kit to the Exhaust of a JetCat P100 for Electrical Power Generation (APOP-Black Team) Jake Swanson, Joshua Cozzoni, Zachary DeFrees, Joseph Vita, Collin Wycoff, Zachary Wattenbarger


    (MAE) Turbojet Electrical Power Generation (APOP-Orange Team) Patrick Hull, Dylan Mitchell, Ethan Liddell, James Masoner, Temitope Olopade, Zack Mitchell


    (MAE) Rocket-Assisted Take-off System for Small Unmanned Aircraft (RATO) Nolan Blueback, Quentin Webster, Kyle Hassett, Jared Greif, Fernando Moran, Drew Cooley, Mason Glover, Noah Quinnett

  • ARCH

    ARCH 8:00 AM-5:00 PM in the Architecture Gallery (1st floor of the Donald W. Reynolds School of Architecture).


    Come see our architecture student's exhibition "The Legend of Town Center: Ordinary Form, Radical Ideologies." The exhibition uses architecture as a lens of inquiry to explore, analyze and critique the structures found in Oklahoma towns. The exhibition works to create new speculative artifacts-in the form of models and drawings-that imagine how these towns and their communities shaped these social spaces. The goal is to find new ways these architectural narratives and forms can contribute to architectural discourse on the city.

  • BAE

    BAE 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (Posters will be available for viewing on the 3rd floor common spaces of ENDEAVOR)


    (BAE#1) Cake Feeder Control/Monitor System and App Brit Luna, Seth Stone, Taos McIntyre


    (BAE#2) Design of a UAV "crop duster" or drone sprayer Kelly Lewis, Callahan Figgs, Garrison Hall


    (BAE#3) Lake McMurtry site restoration and development Benjamin Seaman, Antonio Murillo, Zachary Marshall


    (BAE#4) Management of rainwater collection in its ammonia storage tank area Rio Bonham, Grace Rembold, Blake Coday


    (BAE#5) Remediating contaminated sediment off the bottom of a lake Emily Ea, Kennerly Holloway, Kimalee Lawrence


    (BAE#6) Temperature control on a burr coffee grinder Brooke Holt, Cooper Price, Addison Duling

  • CIVE

    CIVE 8:30 AM-10:30 AM (Posters will be available for viewing on the 2nd floor common spaces of ENDEAVOR)


    (CIVE#1) Civil Collegiate Wind Competition Design Mezyad Abusheeba, Isaiah Cotton, Evelyn Baker, Madeline Duncan


    (CIVE#2) Detecting and Quantifying Microplastics in Reservoirs Bethany Trammell, Christian Maldonado, Madi Wilson, Wyatt Barrier


    (CIVE#3) Mander Creek Trash Removal System Design Sloane Johnston, Joey Schmitt, Megan Howerton, Barak Alkhaledi


    (CIVE#4) Perkins Water Tower and Water System Improvements Design Ali Alfadhli, Christian Pikett, Philip Thompson, Josephine Lee, Lela Merkel


    (CIVE#5) Powerhouse Design Mahdy Alsaqay, Maryam Modhaffr, Zander Acuna, Chance Sportsman


    (CIVE#6) Town of Tatums Renovation Design Faisal Alkandari, Camden Patovisti, Lawson Stout, Kayla Lyons


    (CIVE#7) Washington School Rehabilitation Design Salman Alfarhan, Dr. Laura Arata, Hannah Bruce, Hailey Tyler, Kassidy Powell

  • ECE

    ECE 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (Project locations are on the 1st and 2nd floor of ENDEAVOR)


    (ECE#1)Smart Pill Box (ENDV 105, Test Arena) Zarek Rooker, Zahra Alnahwi, Daniel Jacobs, Stephen Fransen


    (ECE#2)CymSTAR Ethernet-to-Synchro Transmitter (ENDV 220) Justin Brown, Dylan Gore, Remington Ward, Christian Moser


    (ECE#3)Phoenix (ENDV 220) Brendan Schwickerath, Jade Gullic, Joshua Skillings


    (ECE#4)FAA Power Tower (ENDV 105, Test Arena) Othman Ahmad, John Doudican, Jaymy Foister



    FPSET  9:30 AM-4:00 PM (Posters are located on the 1st floor of ENDEAVOR)


    (FPSET#1) Limited Area Sprinkler System | Presenting from 2:00 PM-4:00 PM Derek Deyarmin, Shiyi Zhu, Michael Wang, Yesom Gong, Mason Nichols


    (FPSET#2) Impacts of Door Construction on Occupant Tenability | Presenting from 9:30 AM-11:30 AM Nick Scialdone, Michael Kubicki, Ehab Saleh, Jacob Walker, Baylor Cobb, Dane Matthews


    (FPSET#3) Conceptual Model Development for Wildland Urban Interface Fire Safety Performance Analysis | Presenting from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Steven Cui, Jack Wu, Lily Wang, Ziheng Fang, Kejie Zhou


    (FPSET#4)OSU Water Treatment Plan | Presenting from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Ruiyi Tang, Cooper Stanbery, Dahae Lee

  • IEM

    IEM 1:30 PM-3:30 PM (Engineering North rooms 305, 310, 315)


    (IEM) ArcBest Less Than Truckload Brokerage Analysis Drew Williams, Ricky Reed, Jeff Stockel


    (IEM) Creating an Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Dashboard for Webco Industries, Inc. Braden White, Chas Wright, Kent Slater


    (IEM) Developing a VBA Program for Automated Recovery Scheduling Chloe Jones, David Schwartz, Caitlin Mantooth


    (IEM) Hip Fracture Care Path Development Jackson Linson, Ricky Cook, Ian Penney


    (IEM) Improving Prioritization of Inbound Trailers for ABF Reece Hamar, Vamsee Sunkar, Nathan Whitehead


    (IEM) Improving Quality and Efficiency Through Better Tool Selection Keegan Cook, Gabriel Bisogno, Chris Dyer


    (IEM) Inventory Management and Facility Layout Design for AXEL Americas Cole Durkee, Keaton Carter, Iris Martinez, Cameron Groenteman


    (IEM) Redesign and Standardization of Inventory Practices for Habakkuk Health Ainsley Kyle, Jackson Green, Raegen Daigle


    (IEM) Safe and Efficient: Advancing Human Factors and Safety at Thermal Specialties Sarah Bishop, Charlie Hatfield, Hope Goodwin


    (IEM) Storage System Improvement for NSP Quality Meats Aymen Charmi, Emma Wilson, Jayden Grilliette

  • Interdisciplinary

    Interdisciplinary Projects 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (ENDEAVOR 1st, 2nd and 3rd Floor and Classroom Building Northeast Lawn)


    (ID#1) Cyclone Cowboys (ENDV 140) Sahir Virani, Tristan Kohn, Lauren Millis, Lenna Abouzahr, Carinna Marling, Adrianna Cheverie, Mary Urias, Kaden Clemmer, Maggie English, Annie Grace Irlbeck, John-Todd Wallace, Wes Dodson, Brady Amox, Prof. Laura Southard, Austin Elliott, Calvin Ward, Alyssa Miller, Bret Vaughn, Ryan Lawson, Hunter Reitze, Peter Tikalsky, Ben Marquis, Dawson Kinser, Prof. Nate Lannan


    (ID#2 PEX LEGENDS) (ID#2 TEAM BUILDING) Tiny House Renewable Energy Demo (Team Building ENDV 220 foyer, Team Pex Legends ENDV 150)  Luke Allen, Ali Alamri, Madison Holberg, Bryan Pizana, Hayden Hilst, Sydney Northcutt, Gabriel Parker, Avery Hamilton, Israel Alabi, Will Ranson, Wade Lopp, Jared Youngblood, Collin Fields, Thomas Freet, Parker Raney, Zac Claiborne 


    (ID#3) Solar Decathlon-Renewable Orange Power (ENDV 1st Floor, South Foyer) Madison Rotramel, Madison Dukes, Eric Keilbarth, Cheyanne Lee, Brin Hague, Aliyah England, Gracie Granberry, Molly Hoback


    (ID#4) CEAT Parade Float (ENDV 105, Test Arena and ENDEAVOR front walk) Luis Brito, Cameron Ayers, Brittany Kelley, Sean Bouchery, Jake Rice, Parker Clarida, Benjamin Jones, Kyle Lucas, Nathan Albro, Travis Thomas, William Randall


    (ID#5) Team Joyride: IGVC Self Driving Car (ENDV 105, Test Arena and ENDEAVOR front walk) Brendan Wickman, Christopher Shropshire, Max DeSantis, Zeke Lappe, Jack Funderburgh, Isaac Castilleja, Bailey Despain, Isabell Cook, Troy Willoughby, Kelvin Tran, Nathan Wilson, Jason Aquino, Kale Downing


    (ID#6)  Thermal Solutions (Thermal Energy Storage Tank) (ENDV 105, Test Arena) Cooper Serup, Mason Simmons, Franchesca Young, Jack Fling, Jackson Downing, Tyler Riley, Aaron Clark, Sean Rieger, Jase Pippenger, Joel Smart


    (ID#7) Iron Phoenix (ENDV 105, Test Arena) Connor Martin, Tyler Lane, Alec Bailey, Andrew Hart, Aileen Converse, Sammy Dykes


    (ID#8) Vmax FSAE Variable Runner Length Intake (ENDV 220) Logan Brandvold, Aaron Rosen, Jonathan Buskirk, Grant Woods, Bryce Wilmeth, Patrick Begnaud, Dayton Masters


    (ID#9) Locomotors (ENDV 220) Brock Rouser, Hayden Collins, Chris Galvan, Mohamed Diawara


    (ID#10) Weld Test/Beads on Beads (ENDV 240) Tom Davis, Garret Shields, Zachary Patterson, Wyatt Peters, Joshua Marvin, Cameron Thomas


    (ID#11) Revenge of BB-8 (ENDV 340) Jake Hayward, Ryan Eubanks, Wyatt Smith, Brendan Ingram, Jared Campbell, Brandon Coppedge, Trent Williams, Drake Wooldridge


    (ID#12) AI Foosbots (ENDV 340) Cade Bailey, Alex Gaines, Cozette Dyer, Nathan Johns, Riley Howell, Jalen Grier, Daniel Everheart, Garrison Locke


    (ID#13) Autonomous Firefighting Vehicle, Lights and Sirens (Classroom Building Northeast Lawn) Josh Black, Seth Robbins, Dillon Schmidt, Megan Brown, Samuel Weber, Andi Tice, Mark Dodson, Blake Adam Moore, Alex Aispuro, Bryce White

  • MAE

    MAE 8:00 AM-5:00 PM (Project located on the 1st floor of ENDEAVOR)


    (MAE#1) Team OTTO Cycle Dyna-mite (ENDV 105, Test Arena and ENDEAVOR front walk) Erik Guerrero, Nick Savage, Andreas Chapa, Preston Deon, Hunter Nance 

  • MET

    MET 10 AM-11 AM and 2 PM-3 PM (ENDEAVOR room 302)


    (MET#1) Cycle of Landing Gear | Presenting at 10 AM-11 AM Carly Bloom, Jordan Buhler, David Cannan, Caleb Tuley, Chance Krumsiek


    (MET#2) Solar Panel Cleaner Glider | Presenting at 2 PM-3 PM SarahBeth Sabetti, Garet Standridge, Jordan Carter, Cody Werner

endeavor first floor


endeavor second floor

endeavor third floor

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