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Khaled Gasem, Ph.D.

Dr. Khaled Gasem


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

Oklahoma State University, 1986


M. S., Chemical & Petroleum Refining Engineering

Colorado School of Mines, 1979


B. S., Chemical Engineering

University of California at Berkeley, 1976

Major Areas of Interest

Phase Equilibria Thermodynamics

Thermophysical Properties Modeling

Molecular Design of Chemicals

Energy and Environmental Systems

Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

Process Engineering, Simulation and Optimization

Recent Research Activities

“Center for Interfacial Reaction Engineering: Phase Behavior and Thermophysical Property Models for Bi-Phasic Catalytic Processes”, U. S. Department of Energy, 2010-2013

“Improved Models for Coalbed Methane Production and CO2 Sequestration”, U. S. Department of Energy and Advanced Resources International, 2009-2012

“Iraq University Linkages Program”, Academy for Educational Development, 2010-2013

Recent Publications

  • Song, X., C. Wang, K. A. M. Gasem, K. Li, X.  Sun, P. Ning, W. Gong, T. Wang, M. Fan, M., and  L. Sun. “New insight into the reaction mechanism of carbon disulfide hydrolysis and the impact of H2S with density functional modeling”, New Journal of Chemistry, 2019.
  • Dadmohammadi, Y., S. Gebreyohannes, B. J. Neely and K. A. M. Gasem. “Application of modified NRTL models for binary LLE phase characterization.” Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57(2), 7282, 2018.
  • Irani, M., A. T. Jacobson, K. A. M. Gasem, and M. Fan. “Facilely synthesized porous polymer as support of poly (ethyleneimine) for effective CO2 capture.” Energy (Oxford, United Kingdom), 157, 1, 2018.
  • Song, H., W.  Xie, J. Liu, F. Cheng, K. A. M. Gasem, and M. Fan. “Effect of surfactants on the properties of a gas-​sealing coating modified with fly ash and cement.” Journal of Materials Science, 53(21), 15142, 2018.
  • Liu, F. J., K. A. M. Gasem, M. Tang, A. Goroncy, X. He, Z. Huang, and K. Sun, and M. Fan. “Mild degradation of Powder River Basin sub-bituminous coal in environmentally benign supercritical CO2-ethanol system to produce valuable high-yield liquid tar.” Applied Energy, 460, 2018.
  • Liu, Y., H. Dang, Y. Li, P. Charoensuppanimit, S. A. Mohammad, K. A. M. Gasem, and S. Wang. "Sequestration of carbon dioxide in coal: Energetics and bonding from first-principles calculations." Computational Materials Science, 133, 145, 2017.
  • Abudour, A. M., S. A. Mohammad, R. L. Robinson Jr., and K. A. M. Gasem. "Predicting PR EOS binary interaction parameter using readily available molecular properties." Fluid Phase Equilibria, 434, 1130, 2017.
  • Gebreyohannes, S., Y. Dadmohammadi, B. J., Neely, and K. A. M. Gasem. "A Comparative Study of QSPR Generalized Activity Coefficient Model Parameters for VLE Mixtures." Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 55(4), 1102, 2016.
  • Charoensuppanimit, P., S. A. Mohammad, R. L. Robinson Jr., and K. A. M. Gasem. "Modeling the Temperature Dependence of Supercritical Gas Adsorption on Activated Carbon, Coals, and Shales." International Journal of Coal Geology, 113, 138, 2015.
  • Charoensuppanimit, P., S. A. Mohammad, and K. A. M. Gasem. "Measurements and Modeling of Gas Adsorption on Shales." Energy & Fuels, in press 2015.
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