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Engineering, Architecture and Technology

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CHE Degree Programs

Chemical engineers use knowledge of how nature works (science) and the language of science (mathematics) to create value and solve difficult problems for the benefit of society. The key skill that differentiates chemical engineering from other disciplines is the ability to understand, design and operate transformation (physical or chemical) processes. Chemical engineers literally change (transform) the world. 

Petroleum Engineering Programs

Our programs in Petroleum Engineering are geographically well positioned in one of the most active exploration areas in the country.  The college has strong support from local and national oil and gas operators and service companies giving our students the expertise they need to be successful in their careers.  OSU's petroleum engineers will be hands-on with understanding of formation rock, applied mechanics, materials, fluid behavior and application of their effects on reservoir, drilling and completion economics and environmental sustainability. 

Petroleum Engineering, Minor

The minor in Petroleum Engineering is designed for students majoring in engineering and engineering technology who wish to prepare for positions in the petroleum industry.  

Petroleum Engineering, MS

An M.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering from Oklahoma State University signifies that the recipient has demonstrated advanced knowledge of fundamental petroleum engineering topics. In addition, an M.S. graduate has exhibited the ability to successfully and independently integrate this knowledge to solve complex quantitative problems in a logical manner.

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