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Graduate Seminar Series

ChE Graduate Seminar Series

The School of Chemical Engineering sponsors a Graduate Seminar Series in the fall and spring semesters made possible by our generous supporters of the program. Experts from various areas of chemical engineering, including energy, materials, chemicals, and biomedical, share the latest research in their fields. The seminars are held on Tuesdays from 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. with a reception following. A complete list of the seminar dates, speakers, and topics for the current academic year, as well as past years, is shown below. If you are interested in attending a seminar, please contact us at for more details.


Fall 2023

Date Speaker/Institution


9/12/2023 Do Young Kim - OSU Tulsa OLED-based infrared sensors using cost-effective low band gap materials
9/19/2023 Neeraj Rai - Mississippi State University Computational Design of Open-Shell Macromolecules for Emerging Optoelectronic Applications
9/26/2023 Mary Foltz - Oklahoma State University Agricultural soil management and associated greenhouse gas emissions
10/3/2023 Qi Zhang - University of Minnesota Toward the Efficient Operation of an Electrified Chemical Industry
10/10/2023 Raymond Tu - The City College of New York - CUNY Who wins the race between proteins and surfactants?  Competitive adsorption at the air/water interface
10/24/2023 Yufeng Zheng - University of North Texas  
10/31/2023 Cory Simon - Oregon State University The Bayesian statistical approach to inverse problems
11/14/2023 Faruque Hasan New Frontiers in Computer-aided Process Intensification
11/28/2023 Srikanthan Ramesh - Oklahoma State University  

Spring 2023

Date Speaker/Institution Title
4/25/2023 Joshua Gallaway - Northeastern University Heterogeneity In All-Solid-State Li Batteries
4/18/2023 Christopher Johnson - Argonne National Lab Light-mediated Energy to Accelerate Li-ion Battery Electrochemical Reactions
4/11/2023 Jennifer Sinclair Curtis - University of California, Davis Flow behavior of aspherical particles
4/4/2023 Yet-Ming Chiang - MIT Electrochemical Pathways to Large Scale Energy Storage and Decarbonization of Industrial Processes
3/28/2023 Jong Suk Lee - Sogang University Microporous membranes for gas separations:  From material design to scalable fabrication
3/21/2023 Ngoc Bui - University of Oklahoma Materials and methods for selective ion capture from water
3/7/2023 Kelsey A. Stoerzinger - Oregon State University Electrocatalytic reduction on nitrate:  insight from manipulating adsorbate affinity
2/28/2022 Professor Steven McIntosh - Lehigh University Enzyme driven synthesis of high-performance heterostructured photocatalysts
2/21/2023 Peng Bai - University of Massachusetts Computational studies of reactivity and adsorption in nanoporous materials
2/14/2023 Anya Zornes Structure-reactivity relationships in solid acid catalysts:  multiple active sites in zeolite catalysts
2/14/2023 Zeyuan Song A data-driven random walk approach for solving water flow dynamics in soil systems
2/14/2023 Sina Kaabipour Rheological properties of green silver nanowire-based conductive inks and their printing using the direct writing method
2/7/2023 David Rumschitzki - The City College of New York How tumor populations change in time:  A new mathematical model, zebrafish melanoma experiments and a new potential mechanism for long-term tumor dormancy and recurrence
1/24/2023 Marianthi Ierapetritou - University of Delaware Data Revolution and Process Systems Engineering:  Challenges and Opportunities


Fall 2022

Date Speaker/Institution Title
11/29/2022 Xun Tang  
11/8/2022 Gabriel Veith - Oak Ridge National Laboratory Probing Buried Interfaces in Energy Storage
9/27/2022 Ayse Asatekin - Tufts University Next generation membranes through polymer self-assembly
9/13/2022 Shachi Mittal   
9/6/2022 Anirban Ghosh - Oklahoma State University Surface Area Estimation in Fluids during Gas Evolution
9/6/2022 Hamideh Hayati - Oklahoma State University Prediction of Transport, Deposition, and Resultant Immune Response of COVID-19 Nasal Spray Vaccine Droplets using a CFPD-HCD Model
9/6/2022 Bertan Ozdogru - Oklahoma State University The Impact of Alkali Mental-Ion Intercalation on Redox Chemistry and Mechanical Deformations
9/6/2022 Sundaram Ramakrishnan - Oklahoma State University Mie Resonance Induced Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction Using Earth Abundant Dielectric Nanostructures
8/23/2022 Gregory Hogan - Oklahoma State University Laboratory Safety and Hazardous Waste Safety Training
8/30/2022 Konstantinos Goulas - Oregon State university Catalysis in Biomass Upgrading:  Fundamental and Applied Insights into the Production of Fuels and Chemicals

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