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Brad Rowland, Ph.D.

Dr. Brad Rowland


Postdoctoral Fellowship

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, 1998

Ph.D., Physical Chemistry

Oklahoma State University, 1995

B.S., Mathematics and Chemistry

Southeastern Oklahoma State University, 1990

Professional Background

Dr. Rowland has extensive military experience that includes military acquisition, research and development related to test and evaluation of military equipment, management of high risk technical programs and advanced application of statistical designs.  He served as the Chief Scientist for the Chemical Test Division at the Dugway Proving Ground.  He also served as the Director of Research for NitroLift Inc. and has extensive laboratory safety experience.

Major Areas of Research 

Scientific and technical support for Test and Evaluation of Chemical Warfare (CW) equipment
Development of interdisciplinary teaching pedagogy
Scientific and technical support for advanced industrial processes and applications
Laboratory safety and safety practices for acutely hazardous chemicals and processes

Recent Research Activities

CWSupport: Test and Evaluation of chemical warfare military equipment is very expensive (and difficult) due to the lethality of the chemicals and the limited environments wherein equipment may be tested. To reduce the amount of expensive testing and increase the information gained, statistical designs can be used to build performance models that can predict performance over many conditions – even for conditions not tested. Dr. Rowland’s focus is to assist military program managers to build accurate physically-based designs, identify required testing and data products, and accurately identify model strengths and limitations.


Teaching Pedagogy: The industrial workplace is an interdisciplinary environment where employees of many technical backgrounds operate plants or solve technical and operational problems during production. CEAT’s goal is to provide students with educational environments that simulate the modern industrial workplace, where students solve problems with other students from different disciplines. Dr. Rowland’s contribution is to identify and design course opportunities to provide interdisciplinary interaction and education. In addition, he also leads the Undergraduate Laboratory design effort; which will provide state-of-the-art facilities that are specifically designed to support interdisciplinary education, as well as provide hands-on experiences in emerging fields such as nanomaterials and metal printing.


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